How can you help? How can you help?

Research how sustainability applies to your academic discipline. You will find general references discussing sustainability, and there may be discipline specific material available – if not, then this a good area for a research project.

Encourage staff and student councils to discuss sustainability in meetings, how can it best be taught in your school? Who needs to be involved in developing a model?

Debate sustainability issues in seminars. Debating issues such as change management for sustainable development and climate change adaptation could spark the idea that saves the world!

Get involved in the Future Skills Think Tank – Coming Soon!



What are we doing? What are we doing?

Research conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS) over the past three years shows that over two-thirds of students expect their institutions to implement sustainable development in their courses.*

The Future Skills Initiative was formed as part of the HEA Green Academy at the University of East Anglia (2013). The aim was to use new ideas developed in the field of education for sustainability to improve the student learning experience and deepen graduate employability skills and attributes.  The focus is on new pedagogical approaches rather than sustainability ‘content'. Future Skills is now embedded in our new Learning and Teaching Strategy. We want to incorporate more student engagement, make university teaching more creative and to give graduates the skills they need for their future career whilst also being knowledgeable about the changing natural environment.  The Future Skills Think Tank will be coming soon with forums, resources and current ideals templates produced by the majority of schools. We would like your opinions, and ideas there!

*The Higher Education Academy (HEA) and National Union of Students (NUS), 2012, "Student attitudes towards and skills for sustainable development"

Our objectives

Our key objective is to embed sustainability into teaching, learning and research.
We aim to develop a student staff handbook on ‘how to get sustainability into your degree programme by October 2014


UEA Teaching Fellowship Final Report 2012

Future Skills Teaching Fellowship Interim Progress Report March 2014

UEA Future Skills Case Study 2014