Planning a large or major event Planning a large or major event

If you are planning an event, you will need to consult the Event Planning Guidelines document for full details.

Things to consider

  • Timings - Basic stalls/stands promoting a society or event – allow at least 1 week for approval. For small events such as flash mobs, dance displays, performances etc. – allow at least 3 weeks for approval.  Large scale event applications should be made at least 6 weeks in advance of your event where (note that large events may need as much as 9 to 12 months planning).
  • Other events – Check what other events might be taking place on campus during the required event time
  • Documentation – Ensure you have carefully read the Event Planning Guidelines document.  Select the appropriate Events Permission Form for your event application and complete as fully with as much detail as possible. Ensure you have included a carefully considered Risk Assessment, along with any other health and safety and supporting documentation as necessary. NOTE: All Student Club and Society event requests must be checked and contain a signature from the Students Union (Aden Fry or Alun MInifey) before sending the completed forms back to Open Space Events.


  • The UEA Events Permission Group will consider your application (the group includes representatives from the Dean of Students office, the Press Office and Campus Support)
  • The UEA Events Permission Group will contact you regarding the outcome as soon as possible.
  • If you are refused permission, Campus Support will be happy to work with you to resolve any concerns or issues where possible
  • If permission is refused and your event goes ahead, or your event breaches  appropriate noise levels, or there are concerns regarding health and safety, or there are any other concerns regarding your event, UEA Security will be empowered to shut the event down without consultation with the organisers.
  • If you are arranging an event at the University please liaise with The Lodge regarding parking requirements before sending out final instructions. We can advise you if there are any other events scheduled which may impact on your event's parking requirements and provide advice and guidance on suitable parking locations. There is no general parking for coaches on campus so organisers of events should contact The Lodge well in advance to arrange drop off and collection points.


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