Planning a large or major event Planning a large or major event


Planning your event

We have put a guide together for you with a list of the forms you will normally require at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions we are happy to help, please call the Events number, extension 1604 and we can point you in the right direction.



  • Ensure you have carefully read the Event Planning Guidelines document.  Select the appropriate Events Permission Form for your event application and complete fully, submit with a Risk Assessment Form.
  •  Include all the documents your event requires and sign the form where it asks for Event Managers signature.
  • All Student Club and Society event requests must be checked and contain a signature from the Students Union (Alun MInifey) before sending the completed forms to Open Space Events.
  • When the documentation is in place we check availability of the date and pass your information to the UEA Events Permission Group, they will consider your application and normally respond within 14 days.
  • There may be conditions added to your event in response to the Permission Groups commments.
  • If you are refused permission the team will be happy to look for options or alternatives with you.
  • If permission is refused and your event goes ahead, or breaches appropriate noise levels, or there are concerns regarding health and safety, or there are any other concerns regarding your event, UEA Security will be empowered to shut the event down without consultation with the organisers.
  • If you are arranging an event at the University please liaise with The Lodge regarding parking requirements before sending out final instructions as parking is limited.


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