Locations for Accommodation Maintenance Locations for Accommodation Maintenance

It is essential when reporting a fault to provide your building of residence, flat and room.

If you have noticed a fault in a communal location please try to be as specific as possible.

If you are a Senior Resident, you may need to tell us which flat number/letter you are in as Senior Resident rooms are not always represented as such in our system.

If you are reporting maintenance issues for the Village, please be aware that you will have to identify which building in the University Village.

Please remember, if you are a student we will also require your campus card number.

Locations for Academic Maintenance Locations for Academic Maintenance

When reporting a job via phone or via email we will require your name and contact details alongside the building/room location and a description of the problem.

Please be aware that all buildings have a building number. The Environmental Sciences department (or ENV) for instance is found in the Sciences building, or Building 5.

Every internal space on Campus has a precise room location, whether that be a corridor, circulation space or stairwell and of course, teaching rooms, offices and labs.

If you are unable to provide the exact room location we ask - for the benefit of completing the job as quickly as possible - that you provide us with the nearest room number alongside a description of the issue in relation to that room.

Please be advised that maintenance are responsible for the fabric of UEA buildings. A departmental charge code may be require for additional works.

Report a fault Report a fault

Estates Helpdesk:

01603 59 2121

Email the Estates Helpdesk

Helpdesk Priority Helpdesk Priority

General priority

We aim to resolve your issue within 20 Working Days

Urgent priority

We aim to resolve your issue within 5 Working Days

Very urgent priority

We aim to resolve your issue in 48 Hours

emergency priority

We aim to resolve your issue within 24 Hours

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