Campus Heating Guidelines Campus Heating Guidelines

 We aim to provide heating to our buildings between 19 and 21 degrees centigrade during normal working hours (defined as between 08:00 and 18:00).

This is in line with the official UEA guidelines. HSE guidelines suggests the minimum temperature in a workplace should normally be at least 16 degrees Celsius.

We also endeavour to provide heating to our residential buildings between 19 and 21 degrees centigrade for a sustained period during any 24 hours.

The introduction of additional electrical heating sources by individuals or sections is not permitted by Estates or Safety Services. If you use your own or a faculty purchased electric heater you may be inadvertently causing a fire risk.

In addition, you will upset the heating conditions in the rest of the building as your heater will trigger local sensors to cool the building down further.

The University does not provide heating to cater for extreme or abnormally cold weather conditions, and colleagues are asked to be prepared with appropriate clothing for such conditions.   

If you have a problem with your heating report it to our Helpdesk on 01603 592121. If we can't fix your heating we will supply temporary heating in line with the above guidelines.

If you require heating to be on outside of these times due to teaching, events or changing working patterns, please contact the Estates Helpdesk. 

The UEA 'central heating system' is controlled by thermostats on the outside of buildings. If it is a warmish sunny day the heating will not come on.

Unfortunately you may be located on the non-sunny side of the building and until the heating is triggered to come on by lower outside air temperatures you will need to dress accordingly.

Heating in residences Heating in residences

The Sustainability, Utilities and Engineering Department provided all campus accommodation rooms with instructions for heating and ventilation in September 2017. This is also available to download from the relevant group photo below...

Residence Group Residences included
A Norfolk Terrace and Suffolk Terrace
B Hickling House and Barton House
C Crome Court
D Wolfson Close and Orwell Close
E Browne, Victory, Kett, Paston, Colman and Britten Houses
F The Village
G Nelson Court and Constable Terrace
H Suffolk Walk

Estates Helpdesk Estates Helpdesk

For any problems regarding heating please contact the Estates Helpdesk

phone Telephone: 01603 59 2121 

Email the Estates Helpdesk

Comfort Cooling Comfort Cooling

The University does not provide comfort cooling. If you notice an unusual spike in heat across Campus do please let us know so we can investigate. However, if it is discovered that Campus Heating is operating as intended there is little else we can do. Desk fans can instead be purchased from Central Stores on 01603 592039.

Our Process Our Process

When you contact the Helpdesk with an issue about heating you can expect a maintenance colleague to carry out an initial check. If they find nothing obviously wrong they will leave a temperature recording device in the location for a duration of a few days.

The findings will be investigated, and if the temperatures are not in line with the guidelines for maintaining between 19 and 21 degrees, additional temporary heating will be provided to you while further works are carried out. 

It is important not to move the Data Logger once it is in place as it is very sensitive. If you touch the Data Logger you will drastically affect the accuracy of the results and may mean we are not able to resolve your issue for you.