Locked out of accommodation? Locked out of accommodation?

  • If you are locked out of your residence between 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday, you must attend the Accommodation Office to make arrangements for access.
  • If you are locked out of your residence outside normal working hours, please attend Security where arrangements can be made to provide you with access.
  • Please remember to lock your door and take your key with you at all times.
  • If you are unable to gain access to a door/zone with your campus card to which you believe you should have access then the Cardax (access control system) is denying you access and you must contact the Campus Card point at the IT Helpdesk in the Library to correct it.

Keep safe and secure in accommodation Keep safe and secure in accommodation

If you are living in residences on campus, remember the following advice to keep the residences as a safe environment:

  • Close and lock external doors after you 
  • Likewise with corridor doors and flat entrances - open doors attract unwanted attention
  • Fully close and lock windows and doors when leaving your room - even if only for a short time to visit friends or the kitchen, and especially if you are on the ground floor
  • Keep cash and valuables out of sight
  • Don't let anyone into residences you don't know – even if they are students
  • Fly posters will try to follow you in
  • Don't fly post for outside companies 
  • This may seem obvious advice but it is easy to become complacent.
  • The majority of thefts are opportunist where there are open doors or windows.

Call us if you are ever unsure

phone Telephone: 01603 592352 (ext : 2352)

Lost Your Campus Card? Here's The Campus Card Replacement Form