'Stay Safe' Guidance 'Stay Safe' Guidance

Recent world events have led to requests from some staff and students for advice on how to act in the unlikely event of a terror or firearms incident on campus.

While there are no specific threats to UEA, guidance is outlined below.

‘Stay Safe’ principles

The ‘Stay Safe’ principles (Run, Hide, Tell) set out by the UK Government provide some actions to consider in a terrorist or firearms incident, and the type of information that police officers may need in the event of an attack.

The full details and a video are available on the Government website.

The key ‘Stay Safe’ principles are:

RUN – find the best protection available, out of sight does not mean out of danger.

HIDE – see if you can locate the attackers, what type of weapon is being used, the direction the attacker(s) are travelling. Limit access and secure your environment. Lock the doors and remain as quiet as possible.

TELL – contact the police via 999 or UEA security via 592222, give them all the information you have.

Providing cover

To help people in an attack situation, the following are examples of good and bad items to seek cover behind:

Good Cover

Bad Cover

Substantial Brickwork or Concrete

Internal Partition Walls

Engines of vehicles

Car Doors

Base of Large Living Trees

Wooden Fences

Natural Ground Undulations


Key Contacts Key Contacts

UEA Security:

General enquiries - 01603 592352 (x2352)

Emergencies - 01603 592222 (x2222)


Emergency - 999

Non-emergency - 101