Protect your possessions Protect your possessions

For advice on keeping your cars and bikes safe and secure on campus, please see our Travel and Transport pages.

What can I do to keep my property safe?

We suggest that all students (and staff) consider marking their personal property.

  • Property that is marked is less desirable to a burglar as it is harder for them to sell on. 
  • If your property is stolen and it is marked there is a greater chance that you will get it back.
  • If a criminal is arrested with property that is marked it is easier for the police to prove that the property is stolen and get a conviction.

How do I mark my property?

There are several ways to mark your property depending on the type of object you want to mark.  Where you mark the property is important - particularly if you are using an overt marking system.  If you want the mark to be out of sight, choose somewhere behind or underneath the article - not somewhere so hidden though that the police would not be able to find it.  If it is a mobile phone take the battery out and write underneath this on the phone itself. 

Ultra-violet (UV) or "invisible" marking 

  • An ultra-violet (UV) pen can put an invisible mark on your property, which can only be seen using UV light.
  • UV marking can be used on items such as computers, TVs, stereo equipment, mobile phones.  
  • It is best to mark the item with a post code and house number (or university name and your ID student number).
  • Write on the back of the item, or if it a mobile phone write underneath the phone's battery.  
  • Remember to use a permanent UV pen or the mark will fade in time, especially when exposed to sunlight, and can be washed off.  

Engraving or etching 

  • Engraving or etching is suitable for many hard surfaces (e.g. the above items suitable for UV marking, and pedal cycles), and can be done using an electric engraving tool or a hand engraver.
  • This method leaves a visible and permanent mark. 

Ceramic marking 

  • Ceramic marking pens have been developed to mark china, glass and any glazed surface.
  • They do not cut or scratch the surface but leave a permanent mark.


  • Immobilise is the only UK Police endorsed personal possession ownership registration program in the UK.
  • Basic registration is free and all the information is viewable by the major UK Police forces (including Norfolk Police) via their online systems.

Cycle Compound Cycle Compound

There are many secure cycle compounds across Campus. 

Apply for a cycle compound code

UV marker pens UV marker pens

UV marker pens will be available at Fresher's fair and our Security Officers may visit your halls of residences to do some UV marking, but you can buy the pens cheaply from many retail outlets such as hardware stores.

 The Lodge also has these pens which can be loaned to you.