Keep safe both on and off campus Keep safe both on and off campus

Generally Norwich is a safe city, but as with any city it is important that you are aware of the potential for crime and that you take your personal safety seriously.  Here are a few basic rules, which, if followed, should help ensure your safety:

Safety in numbers

When you go out alone tell your friends, and when you go out with a group remain with them and make your way back to your accommodation together. Know how you will get home – plan ahead, particularly if you’re going somewhere you don’t know.

Let people know where you’re going, what time you’ll be back and ensure your phone is charged.  Contact them if you change your plans.

Don't flash the cash 

Avoid carrying your wallet in your back pocket. Also avoid using ATMs at night but if you have to use one, try and go with friends and if you see anyone suspicious don't withdraw any money.

Be drink aware

Try to avoid excessive use of alcohol, especially if you are on your own. When you are drunk, you are less aware and less able to protect yourself. Do not accept drinks from strangers.

Pay attention

If you're making a mobile phone call you are less aware of your surroundings; this leaves you vulnerable to thieves and it is incredibly easy to snatch a phone from out of someone's hands.

Hide your laptop

Carrying a laptop in a laptop bag is advertising the fact that you have £1000 worth of computer equipment to potential thieves. Instead of using a laptop bag carry it in a rucksack or sports bag to hide the shape. 

Don't advertise your coolness!

If you have an iPod avoid using the white earphones as this is, again, advertising what you have – black standard earphones may not be as cool, but they are definitely safer!

Carry a personal attack alarm

Personal attack alarms are usually available from the Police at Fresher's fairs and through the Student's Union.  

Statistically males are more likely to be assaulted, so boys please do not think it isn't macho to carry a personal attack alarm yourself.

Ask for identification

  • All UEA Security Officers should be able to produce identification to confirm who they are and give clear information as to why they have approached you.
  • This is the same for Police – if you wish to clarify they are a police officer, ask for their identification which should be shown in the form of a warrant card.
  • If the person fails to provide you with this information, or leaves, make a mental note of their description (height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, age, clothing and any distinguishing marks) and report it to UEA Security as soon as possible.

Keep safe when walking Keep safe when walking

Keep to public routes that are well lit at night and don't take risky short cuts even if you are in a hurry. The SU Bar is open most nights as well as The Shop on The Street.  Also, the Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year should you require assistance. Keep to the designated lit walkways on campus, which have been tested and meet British Standards for lighting level in public spaces.

If in doubt, get the bus or a taxi. See the Travel and Transport pages for more information.