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The Estates Department at the UEA is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the campus, from maintaining the University's buildings and grounds to managing the car parks and security.

If you are working or living here, you will also encounter our teams in relation to the more practical side of being on campus, from cleaning services through to our post and portering services.

Our team are also responsible for the works, projects and continual development of the campus. Our innovative buildings, grounds work and maintenance improvements make it the unique and sustainable campus it is today.   ===========================================================================

Current works & projects



Changes to the way in which you can request an estimate from Estates

From Monday 18 April you will need to complete this estimate request form if you wish to be provided with an estimate for extra works in your area.


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Annual Report Annual Report

Click here to see what we have achieved across the UEA campus in the last year. 

Estates Help Estates Help

  • Telephone: 01603 59 2352 (for the 24 hour Security Lodge) or 01603 59 2353 (for the Transport Administrator)

  • Email: transport@uea.ac.uk

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