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Consider the following:

  • a colleague produces excellent research, but has an increasing need to work flexible hours to be able to support an elderly parent;
  • your lectures attract an increasing number of disabled students and your desire to support their needs is not equally matched with knowledge of how to do so effectively;
  • you want to balance family needs with career progression but are unsure what options might be available;
  • a student confides in you that they will be changing gender - you know nothing about this situation and are unsure how to give appropriate support;
  • you see a colleague being bullied, but are not sure how to intervene or if there is support available.

With these, and similar circumstances, there are many things you can do to expand your knowledge and to establish good practice.  Training is one option.  Other resources, including publications and specialist web sites are also useful.

A great way to start is with the E-learning Equality & Diversity Training Module for Staff. It's easy to use, interesting and can be completed quickly.

disability awareness disability awareness

An on-line training course on disability created within a project funded by the Higher Education Academy can be accessed by Clicking Here.

This will be of use to all staff wanting to broaden their knowledge and awareness around issues relating to disability (although it should be noted that legislation has been superseded by The Equality Act 2010 which has enhanced and further embedded rights of disabled people see Equality Act 2010 webpage).