School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing Events School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing Events

HIV Monologues (Performance and Discussion)

Robert Carson will read from the HIV Monologues by Patrick Cash and then lead a discussion about Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) (the use of drugs to prevent HIV).

Monday 10th February, Drama Studio – Rehearsal Room - 1.10pm – 2.00pm


Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford (Performance)

Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford will lead readings or short performances of their work including Rotterdam by Jon Brittain (a play about a couple where one of them comes out as a trans man), and from Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho (written by Jon Brittain and Matt Tedford), and readings or performances from Sequins and Lies (by Matt Tedford)

Wednesday 12th February, Drama Studio - 7.30pm


Fluid Identities (Performance and Discussion)

Fluid Identities: Open Discussion following readings of monologues from the book, “Queers”. Kit Rackley will chair the open discussion that follows the readings.

Wednesday 26th February, Registry, Committee Room 2 - 1.10pm – 2.00pm


Celebrating Colour (Performance)

Celebrating Colour: Black, Brown, and the Rainbow Flag: Various readings written by LGBT+ Writers of Colour.

Thursday 27th February, Drama Studio - 1.10pm – 2.00pm


Positive (Performance)

Robert Carson and Shaun Kitchener will lead a session including readings from Shaun’s play Positive about a man with HIV.

Tuesday 3rd March, Drama Studio - 5.15pm – 7.00pm