Subscribe to your personal timetable

This guide is intended to provide the general information you would require to integrate your timetable feed with your personal email accounts, and certain mobile devices. This service is compatible with Android and Apple products.

Getting Started #

You can now subscribe to your personal timetable using certain email clients or mobile devices. Please note that this feed is updated overnight and will also be dependent on the server refresh times of your Calendar provider (e.g. Google, Outlook).  The data feed for this service is provided in two formats: 

  • ICS (webcal) 
  • Atom RSS feed 

The ICS link can be imported into your UEA Email account, other Outlook clients and calendar applications. 

Atom RSS feed is intended for use with your preferred RSS viewer, either on your mobile device or your computer. 

To access this service you will need to log into the UEA Blackboard ( and find the Student Records section. 

At the bottom of this section you will have a link to this page, an ICS link and an Atom RSS feed link.

ICS feed  #

The ICS feed can be attached to your timetable using the URL address. The feed is refreshed daily.

Right click ICS link and copy the URL. Each browser calls the copy option something different: 

  • Internet Explorer calls it Copy Shortcut
  • Firefox calls it Copy Link Location 
  • Chrome calls it Copy Link Address  

Once you have copied the link open your UEA Webmail (

Click the icon below in the top left of the screen

Click the Calendar icon

Right click My calendar and click Open calendar

Paste the ICS URL into the Internet calendar box and click Open

The UEA Timetable Feed link will appear as a new calendar.

Do not add the ICS file directly as your calendar will not automatically update.

The UEA timetable will appear on most mobile devices connected to your UEA account.  If you have not connected your phone with your UEA account already you can find out how to do this on our online wikis.  

**Atom RSS feed ** #

By clicking on the Atom RSS link a new page will load, either in a new tab on your browser or in a new window. The URL at the top of this page will be your unique feed to your timetable. By copying this link you can email it to your phone to use with a RSS reader or link to it with your browsers RSS reader.  

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