An introduction to digital literacies at UEA An introduction to digital literacies at UEA

The digital has permeated every aspect of our lives. Using digital tools and applications, and understanding how to access and navigate online environments, are crucial to remaining informed today.

UEA has identified digital literacy as a graduate attribute, recognising that we have an institutional responsibility to help students understand the impact of their online practices and behaviours in the future - not only personally but also academically, socially and professionally.

What are digital literacies?

The term refers to the abilities, values and awareness that enable people to use digital tools and spaces in a selective, judicious and informed way. The key aspect of digital literacies is awareness. While many people are ‘IT literate’ - comfortable using computers, software, apps and online environments - they may use these technologies unselectively and uncritically, and might be wholly unaware of the traces they leave online (their ‘digital footprint’).

UEA Library has developed a four-week online programme designed to support students with developing their digital literacies. The programme aims to enable students to make informed use of digital tools, resources, behaviours and practices in various contexts, initially in their academic learning, but also personally, socially, and in the workplace.

The UEA Digital Scholar programme 

In partnership with other academic support services, we will provide a skills programme that will support students in developing information and digital literacies. In turn, these will help to inform core graduate and postgraduate attributes. These move beyond digital and information skills by covering the use of technologies for:

  • effective communication
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • appropriate knowledge sharing and transfer
  • creativity

It also covers issues such as

  • critical thinking and evaluation
  • online behaviour and identity
  • ethical use of technology and information
  • information security


View the UEA Learning & Teaching Day 2015 presentation slides for more detail about the course.