Facilitation and project consultancy Facilitation and project consultancy

CSED offers tailor-made programmes, for example, away-days that help groups to come together and work collectively on issues on a theme such as managing change or performance. If you are thinking of arranging a staff development event for your school or unit and would like support in designing or running it please contact the Head of the Centre for Staff and Educational Development, Amanda Giles, (amanda.giles@uea.ac.uk or ext 3699).

If something you are interested in doesn't appear in the programme, ask us about it (csed@uea.ac.uk). The Centre team can provide information about training and development within the university and beyond, the suitability of a course or programme and who to contact for further information.

Working with CSED Facilitators

Facilitation – why it's important and how it can help

Facilitation can encourage group collaboration, create buy-in, generate participation and empower people. Facilitators are a neutral third party, providing groups with the structure and tools to achieve their objectives, and managing participation to ensure that everyone is heard. Rather than offering an answer to problems, facilitators help groups develop their own solutions. Ultimately, facilitation promotes group effectiveness and ownership; it is the group that takes responsibility for outcomes and actions.

If you have an issue to address, CSED facilitators can help by designing a session that looks for balance between achieving the task, creating a positive group environment and recognising the needs of the individual. For example, they can:

  • Help the group define goals and objectives
  • Manage discussion to keep it on track and promote effective communication
  • Provide tools and techniques for individual working styles and preferences
  • Ensure that everyone has a voice and opportunities to contribute
  • Surface assumptions, and areas of difference and consensus
  • Provide processes that help participants use their time efficiently to make decisions and identify actions
  • Make accurate notes that capture the ideas and contributions of group members
  • Support the group in assessing current and future needs
  • Foster leadership in others by sharing responsibility for leading on group activities.

What can facilitation help you with?

Facilitators can help groups work on -topics that require collaboration. For example:

  • Strategic planning
  • Priority setting
  • Problem-solving
  • Project planning
  • Consultations
  • Focus groups
  • Evaluation and review
  • Creative ideas generation
  • Team building
  • Communication and liaison.

Contact Amanda Giles, Head of CSED, amanda.giles@uea.ac.uk, ext 3699 for more information.

Project Consultancy

Drawing on our team's knowledge and skills, we have experience of working on internal and external projects. If you would like to involve us on a project, contact the Head of CSED.

Links with Regional and National Groups

CSED manages the university's relationship and represents on  regional and national organisations, including:

  • Midlands Staff Development Partnership
  • Eastern Region Forum for Staff and Educational Development
  • Standing Conference on Academic Practice
  • Vitae (RCUK)
  • Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
  • Higher Education Academy.