Step Description Quick tip Video demo Text Help File Tutor
110 Changing data into a table with stripes and filters. Click in data. Insert > Tables > Table Click (a)

Click (b)
Click Click xls124
120 Inserting rows and columns into a table.   Click Click Click xls125
130 Changing column widths and row heights. Wrapping text in a cell to flow to more than one line. Move mouse between column headings and drag with double-headed arrow. Home > Alignment. Use vertical and horizontal alignment buttons. Click Column width

Click xls126
140 Make tables bigger. Change tables back to standard cells. Click in cell and drag icon in bottom right of table. Or, Click in table > Design > Tools > Convert to Range. Click Click Click xls127
150 Make tables automatically expand when new rows or columns are added. NB. This change will apply to all Excel fines opened on the computer to which you are making the change. File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options. Tick "Include new rows and columns in table"        
160 Freeze rows at the top and columns on the left so titles are always visible. Click in the cell below and to the right of the areas to be frozen.View > Window > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes Click Click Click xls128