UEA Updates UEA Updates

Here we will provide UEA Updates until they can be incorporated into the Induction Module.  The Module was updated in February 2018, and the names of the new officers in the Executive Team will be added to the Module shortly:

Executive Team:

The Executive Team has changed - the Registrar and Secretary has been replaced by two new Officers and appointments have been made:

Chief Resources Officer (CRO) is Ian Callaghan
formerly Director of Finance, Planning and Governance Division (FPG) at UEA

Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Jenny Baxter
a former BBC divisional chief operating officer and major programme director

UEA Technicians' Forum

The aim of this new network is to unite technicians at UEA to bring together the diverse technical roles that are spread far and wide across the campus.  An inaugural meeting was held on 30 September 2016.  All technicians at UEA are encouraged to take a look at the webpages.