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Explore the research that is taking place at UEA using these links:


SpringerLink is a publication database that contains articles and chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and over 50,000 books – in total, over 6 million documents spanning every area of science, technology and medicine. The SpringerLink app puts this entire collection at your fingertips.
Mendeley enables you to manage and search research papers, discover research data and collaborate online. There are mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, so you can access your Mendeley library, read and annotate your PDFs, and keep everything synchronised, across all your devices.
The Pulse Toolkit is now available to download on mobile and tablet devices. It offers a range of tools for those researching, training or working in the clinical medical field. This easy-to-use mobile app is free to download, and includes a variety of decision aids and scores. The Toolkit scooped the prestigious Digital innovation of the Year gong at the Medical Journalists’ Association awards; winning against those put forward by both the BBC and the BMJ. Download Pulse Toolkit

Researcher is a free and easy-to-use app used by over 2000 universities around the world that helps you stay on top of your academic research by allowing you to follow, filter and save papers from hundreds of journals in Chemical and Physical Sciences, Medicine and Healthcare, Life Sciences, Animal Biology, Earth Sciences and Computer Science and AI

GeneCards is a searchable, integrative database that provides comprehensive information on all annotated and predicted human genes. It automatically integrates gene-centric data from ~125 web sources, including genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, genetic, clinical and functional information.
JoVE creates the ultimate solutions for advancing research and science education by making and publishing videos of scientific experiments from the top laboratories around the globe. Today, more than 1,000 of the world’s top universities, colleges, hospitals and biotech companies depend upon JoVE to maximise their levels of productivity, efficiency and successful outcomes.
Academics and researchers use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of others. Over 61 million users have signed up to, adding 20 million papers. attracts over 29 million unique visitors a month. A published study found that uploaded papers received around a 69% boost in citations over 5 years.
In collaboration with Harvard University Library and Harvard University Information Technology organization and The Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQS) Dataverse has been made available to researchers from all disciplines. Already in use by some of UEA’s leading academics, register now to enhance the global visibility of yourself and your research.


Research and Computing Support Services Research and Computing Support Services

High Performance Computing Cluster 

The provision and support of the High Performance Computing cluster, which provides high performance and high throughput computing facilities to the UEA research community. 

Linux support and provision of standardised Linux Desktop OS 

Specialist desktop support including a standardised UEA Ubuntu Linux desktop that conforms to UEA security and authentication standards. 

Software and website design and development 

Development of bespoke software for instrument control and data collection, database applications and dynamic websites. 

Subversion and Trac services 

Providing version control, project management and bug-tracking functionality. 

UK eScience Certificates 

The local Registration Authority (RA) for e-Science Certification, issuing digital certificates to members of e-Science projects allowing them to use Grid resources inside the UK and in international collaborations. 

Research and Specialist Computing Support can also provide assistance, advice and support on a range of IT and computing issues relating to research. This may include IT and computing requirements for research projects and contact information and/or liaising with other ISD teams, university community based experts or vender software/hardware experts.