These photographs of the then newly-created Steiner School Turf Labyrinth in Norwich were taken
on Saturday 27 February 2010.  It was the school's Open Day but raining, so it looked like the
labyrinth was not in a condition to be walked.

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(All photographs by Steve Oldfield)

Above a poster advertising the Open Day and giving particular emphasis to the new turf labyrinth
which was created in January 2010 and was modelled on the turf labyrinth at Saffron Walden.

Below a view of the Labyrinth.

Above, you can see that the labyrinth is not yet ready to be walked.  In many turf labyrinths it is the
ridge of turf that is walked on, though in some cases (eg the 300 year old turf labyrinth at Saffron
Walden, upon which this one is based) the pathway is the 'dug out' part between the grass ridges.
It is likely to be the same in this case.  The paths can be most clearly seen at the top right of this

Below another view of the Labyrinth.

See also newspaper article about the Labyrinth.

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