Here is a list of books about labyrinths, some of which are available for loan from the Learning and Resources Centre, Floor 0, UEA Library.

Artress, Lauren (2006) Walking a Sacred Path, Riverhead Books, New York
This inspiring book focusses on the labyrinth from a spiritual point of view with particular reference to the Chartres style labyrinth and its use at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Artress, Lauren (2006) The Sacred Path Companion, Riverhead Books, New York
A companion book to the above, a guide to walking the labyrinth to heal and transform

Buchanan, Jim (2007) Labyrinths for the Spirit, Gaia Books, London
A fascinating book looking at many different ways of constructing a labyrinth using a wide variety of materials and methods

Curry, Helen (2000) The Way of the Labyrinth, Penguin Compass, NewYork
Ideas for working with the labyrinth using meditations, prayer, questions and ceremony to enhance your labyrinth practice

Fisher, Adrian (2004) Mazes and Labyrinths, Shire Publications Ltd, Princes Risborough
A pocket-size book showing mazes and labyrinths to be found in the UK

Fisher, Adrian and Georg Gerster (1990) The Art of the Maze, Wedenfield and Nicholson, London
Mainly concerned with mazes but contains useful information and illustrations of labyrinths

Hogan, Eve Eschner (2003) Way of the Winding Path, White Cloud Press, Oregon
Another book which takes a spiritual approach to walking the labyrinth

Kern, Hermann (2000) Through the Labyrinth, English Edition, Prestel, Munich 
Available in the main UEA Library.  A large, heavy volume translated from the German and representing a thorough survey of labyrinths through the ages.  Profusely illustrated.  It has become something of a classic work for labyrinth enthusiasts

Lonegren, Sig (2007) Labyrinths, ancient myths and modern uses, Gothic Image Publications, Glastonbury
Suggests many ways of interpreting and understanding the shape and content of labyrinths 

Sands, Helen Raphael (2005) Walking the Healing Labyrinth, Gaia Books, London
This book is about using the labyrinth, even bringing music and dance into your labyrinth practice

Sunderland, Tchenka Jane (2004) Walking the Labyrinth, self-published, Norwich
A short author-published book containing instructions for walking the labyrinth in different ways,  Available at Norwich Anglican Cathedral shop. 

West, Melissa Gayle (2000) Exploring the Labyrinth, Broadway Books, New York
Explores the value of labyrinth walking for  quiet meditation and spiritual healing

Williams, Di (2011) Labyrinth: Landscapes of the Soul, self-published, Edinburgh
An attractive, profusely illustrated book which can still be purchased from Amazon