Thoughts on the Labyrinth Experience Thoughts on the Labyrinth Experience

At open (and other) labyrinth sessions, walkers are invited to reflect on their experience and write down their thoughts. The following reflections are reproduced with permission and names given with authors' consent.

Friday 19 December 2008

The labyrinth has helped me to get back to centre, re-focus on good things. I am much calmer and feel better able to face a busy afternoon. Thank you.
(Tracey Hobbs)

I find it extremely relaxing, my first time in the Labyrinth so I didn't know what to expect and I didn't have any particular issues to address but it was calming and enjoyable.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

The labyrinth as a metaphor for working towards an aim in life suggests:

  • The way there is unlikely to be direct
  • The way there may have many twists and turns
  • The route may not be clearly visible, but is there anyway
  • Having boundaries/limitations may be supportive of the process
  • You are likely to get more out of the process of getting there if you go slowly and thoughtfully, but this can require a conscious effort

A place of peace and reflection in ‘the middle' of a busy, chaotic - mindless! day.  Time for regrouping and drawing breath.  Thank you.

It was a very calming experience, but even when you are walking very slowly it still seems a shorter distance to the middle and back than it looks!

I learned that I shouldn't anticipate outcomes.  The way in was so different to what I had expected and the symbolism was quite powerful, especially using the ‘angel card' as a key thought.

Calmness - clarity - articulation (for some research + a talk I must give this pm!)

Tuesday 10 March 2009

I felt a sense of anticipation and security when entering the labyrinth.  I liked the idea that I can see my journey from every direction and what was revealed to me was from a point of safety.  So I could explore my thoughts/ideas one by one.  On the return journey, I felt able to review my ideas again but here I felt very calm.  I wanted the experience to last a lot longer - (on a larger labyrinth).  I also explored the idea of a 3D labyrinth or one where you could walk without having to see where you were going.  This I felt needed a lot more trust.  However I felt it was better to be able to view where you've been and to stay concentrated.  It feels like I've started another journey in my head.  I need to explore this further.  Very exciting, how else can I use this?  Maybe I walked it too fast, but the twists and turns really helped me to focus.  It works on many levels.  It has really got me thinking.  (Rosie Tooke)

This was a useful exercise in getting rid of all the "clutter" that exists in one's head on a daily basis - seemingly important things that once you get onto the labyrinth actually seem less important and actually shrink in size once you have put it all in perspective.

Well I went in with one question and came out with another.  (Sue)

Very calming.  I liked the ‘word cards': I meditated on the word ‘Shine' and it lifted my energy!

Initially, I expected to be able to make sense of my confusion with regard to a major change in my life.  However, despite attempting to find answers, I found that no thoughts were ‘allowed' in!  I completed the labyrinth completely relaxed with a clear mind and would use this method again as a means of de-stressing the brain.

Joy - Relaxation - Spirit - Centredness - Thankfulness.  (Rev Philip Young)

Peace, relaxation, breathing, at ease.  As the stresses and strains of life are left at the door there is a peace and happiness at my core that solidifies as I reach the centre.  On reaching the middle I find kindness.  It follows me as I follow the path back out.

This is the second time I've walked this labyrinth.  Both times have been useful, rich experiences.  This time I found that pictures and objects (in the Chaplaincy) that I could see at different stages of the labyrinth were part of the experience.  I chose a card at the beginning to help me and I also came with an issue to walk on - the same one I came with before.  The card was ‘Arrange' which set the tone for a more active and external phase of dealing with the issue.  Indeed there were more people walking than the first time and so a lot more negotiating in terms of passing people and dealing with noise took place.  This time I found turning set me off balance at first, even if I tried to correct.  When I came to accept that this would happen the problem began to dissipate.  The first time I walked the labyrinth I found the changes in direction more towards the centre or towards the outside a bit scary, but this time I found them exciting - suddenly finding that there was more labyrinth to walk, when I thought I might be reaching the end, was very pleasurable.  A great and helpful experience.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to have time to meditate.  had a warm happy feeling when I reached the centre of the labyrinth, especially when I read my card ‘Enjoy'.  I do not make enough time to do this.

The best way between two points is not always the fastest, or the shortest.

In life there are many twists and turns but by taking time out by walking the labyrinth, I feel calmer and strengthened to face them and the journey of life.  (Lyn Marsh)

This pattern reminds me of our life, but a simpler one. When you walk in different positions, what you get is different scenery. Do not be upset/confused by one moment, keep on walking. Or sometimes when you walk fast, just pause and appreciate the scenery. We can not avoid taking more routes before we finally arrive at the destination. However, also through this process you know what you find/clarify your life goals or mystery. I like that description, "walk in empty handed and with an open mind". On the journey of life this attitude perhaps is the best choice. Be willing and persistent, let it be but work for good things still. (Yang Cou)

I feel calmer and happier - seems as if each time I walk I go deeper to a calm place, and faster.  On the way out I felt happy and light and just wanted to skip all the way!  Thank you! (Tracey Hobbs)

In a very short time a good part of my life passed through my mind and my feelings. I started feeling happy, and then I started to feel sad, because I was in the day when I was born. In therapy I always cried and feel sad when I go back to those days. Also I felt nice as I realised that life is like this - you go and come back again.

I enjoyed the experience of just walking without expecting or reflecting on where I was going. The path just guided me to the destination.

Friday 22 May 2009

I walked the labyrinth with a couple of issues in my mind, particularly an unease at impending changes at work.  I chose a word card and intended looking at in when I had reached the centre but accidentally saw it before I started walking.  It was "abundance" and as I walked this made me focus on the positives in my life, the good things I have, and I felt comforted, positive and energised.  The walk out was the most enjoyable part this time - feeling ready to face whatever is ahead and knowing I'll cope well with it.

As in the labyrinth, as in life - sometimes it looks as if we are heading away from our goal (the centre) as our path twists and turns, and yet it is all part of the whole, and leads us where we want to be in the end, so long as we keep moving forwards.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

This time my walk was one of clarification.  I entered the labyrinth with the hope that I'd get ideas about my future, given that there is a lot of uncertainty, change and upheaval ahead.  I felt as if the path was like my life and that I could safely 'walk' my life knowing that even if I'm not sure what's round the next corner, or where exactly I am, I will ultimately arrive at my goal.  I realised that this time there was no great insight or inspiration to be had, but just a reassurance that I was actually pretty much in control of me!  I emerged feeling ready to deal with whatever comes along.

Today I was struck by how close we can be to the 'end' but still have a long way to go - and, conversely, how far we can be from the end, which is actually very close.

Each time I walk the labyrinth is different.  I really appreciate the opportunity to tune into myself during the working day.  One insight for this particular walk came to me as I stood in the centre.  I would have preferred to be alone, but had to share the space with someone else.  I had to stand to the side, and felt a bit off-balance.  Then I realised that I needed to centre in on myself and not really on the external environment, in this case the structure of the labyrinth.  This really helped and the walk back out was very centring and enjoyable. (Leigh Osborne)

A chance to reflect in a quiet, calm atmosphere.  A welcome break from a busy working day.

Tuesday 20 October 2009

The walk was again different from previous ones - I often find this. I entered the labyrinth asking for guidance and inspiration for solving a work issue. I cannot recall at all what was in my mind as I walked to the centre, I think I was daydreaming, but I did feel very calm. As I stepped into the centre I felt a kind of joy of recognition - I like this spot and it felt like coming home. I realised that I had come up with some ideas that might help me. I made as if to leave then stepped back into the very centre just to enjoy my feelings a little longer. Then I walked the outward journey and felt I could try out some of those ideas. I was keen to write them down!

I had the luxury of a second walk so this time I had no expectations or preconceived ideas or an issue, I walked to just have a quiet time and enjoy the experience. In the centre I paused for a few seconds looking at each of the four walls in turn and noticing anything that I saw. The things I focussed on seemed connected with autumn and I had thoughts of this being a time to shed the old stuff (leaves or personal junk) and so be ready for a fresh start - this resonates with my current 'house moving' situation. I looked at the word card I'd taken in and smiled when I read "clarity". I felt quite positive and ready for action as I walked out. This was an enjoyable walk and quite different to my first walk.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

This was my first go. I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping for something meditative, and that is what I got out of it. The labyrinth aided in achieving some mindfulness because one has to concentrate on the path. The repetition of design also gave me a feel of nature, like the undulating waves or calm breezes.
(Karl Qualls)

An oasis of calm, giving a chance to stop and take time out. Highly recommended.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Walking the Labyrinth was a profound spiritual experience for me, as I found myself reflecting on the twists and turns of my life, and felt a sense of kindred spiritedness with other walkers whose identities I did not know.
(Christopher Stokes)

It gives you a sense of being here and now, in the moment.  The only place and time there ever is.
(Adeel Saleem)

Very thought provoking.  It was good to take time out of my busy day to reflect on the twists and turns of life.
(Sophie Kennish)

It was quite scary at first as you can't see where you are going.  It helped me to slow down and take the corners in life more slowly.  Very relaxing, it would be great to do it every day!  Look forward to the next time.  Thanks

All things in my head while walking the Labyrinth float away and everything becomes calm.
(Barbara Blackman)

A calm space in which to reflect, forgetting about everyday concerns.  This walk tots up 'f' related words; faith, forgiveness, fulfilment.
(Michele Pavey)

Whilst concentrating on your steps and direction you can apply your mind to problems within your life and decide what direction needs to be taken to solve the problems.  My mind feels clearer and I am focussed.

Walking in just settling thoughts.  Thinking a bit about current work projects.  Centre - looked at word card - ABUNDANCE.  Made me think of all the good things in my life - counting my blessings sort of, but I also playfully thought A BUN DANCE and felt like dancing my way out.  I actually spun on the corners and looked forward to each 180 degree turn - it made me smile all the way out!

Another wonderful experience - I felt the busyness and concerns of the day left behind, and sat, deeply relaxed and happy at the centre.  Thanks Steve for putting this on.

Tuesday 8 March 2011 (for Counselling Staff)

I have wanted to walk a labyrinth for many years and was pleased and touched to be able to do so today. I had a question in mind, and, unsurprisingly, found myself coming into the centre of me in relation to that.  Also, the presence of other people and negotiating being with them, seemed crucial. Really profound!

I felt much calmer by the end of the walk and I loved the way that I was the last person left walking and could follow the clear, white path to the end.

I found it a peaceful and happy experience. I felt both connected and separate from the others sharing this experience.

So relaxing and grounding. I feel as if I've just come out of a massage! A very peaceful and holding experience that has surprised me in how powerful it was for me. Thank you.
(Catherine Atkinson)

It's very relaxing. At the beginning my mind is very active but then I settle into a nice rhythm. It's lovely in the middle. A mantra came to me, "Journey's end, Journey's beginning, Journey's end, Journey's beginning." It was nice doing it with all the others – 9 of us walking together – rotating like cogs in a clock!

What began as an effort to focus on a current challenge became suffused with a sense of love and contentedness growing to a inter-connectedness between me and all I encounter. Very moving. Thank you!

The walk was longer than I had expected but I was then sorry to get to the end.

Walking the labyrinth allowed me to really slow down – something I tend to ignore my need for at times. Allowed a great connection with others. Very enjoyable.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Inward walk just settling my thoughts, thinking "one foot in front of the other".  At centre I related this to tasks to do that I was being lazy about, one task after another, just do them one at a time until they are done.  I took a word card after the walk this time, it was 'colour' which is a favourite word for me - everything's ok if there's some colour in it.  Later found quote by Margo Adler in a labyrinth book, "The purpose of ritual is to wake up the old mind, to put it to work. The old ones inside us, the collective unconscious, the many lives, the different eternal parts, the senses, and the parts of the brain that have been ignored.  Those parts do not speak English. They do not care about television. But they do understand candlelight and colours. They do understand nature." (Steve)

- Very calming
- There is a path that ties everything together
- You can see that other people have been on the same path
- Sometimes you meet people unexpectedly
Thanks (Ruth, ENV)

I arrived at labyrinth quite agitated from a difficult Panel/Selection meeting. Drew the suggestion "RELAX" which was just what I needed! Raced around the labyrinth to start with but managed a more leisurely exit! I think that the labyrinth should be offered on a regular basis, eg first Tuesday of every month, so that it becomes more regular.  Are/Should these be advertised on info@? Maybe we should do a labyrinth in the Square one day? Maybe noises but would raise awareness/understanding. [Usually we do advertise on info@.  I wouldn't like to risk the fabric labyrinth in the Square, but a visible outdoor labyrinth is a good suggestion and something we have been considering - Steve Oldfield, CSED]

As the labyrinth turns, I lost balance and had to slow down to keep balanced. As in the labyrinth as in life! Lovely and calming and centring experience.

I had the chance to walk a second time and did it with music (on iPod).  One song walking in which has happy/wistful associations for me - and I saw it as a celebration of my love for my partner.  I stood still in the centre while it finished, feeling happy and content. Then a lovely piece to walk out with - and I walked around the outside of the labyrinth until the music ended. Apart from the way the music helped me easily focus on a particular issue, it also made me feel I was on the verge of dancing rather than just walking, especially on the 180 degree turns.  Moving and enjoyable.  My word card afterwards was 'Balance' which seemed appropriate. (Steve)

Wednesday 15 June 2011

On the inward walk, I listened to music which has strong associations for me with a favourite place.  It reminds me of a happy time, but also I feel sad that it is in the past and wonder if I'll ever return there.  I began to see the music as representing more what that visit led to rather than just the place itself, so the association (at least while I was walking) seemed to expand.  In fact I pictured the place as if on a map with beams of light arcing out of it, like fireworks.  At the centre I gathered my thoughts and before walking out chose another piece of music, Ennio Morricone's "Cinema Paradiso" which is from the film of the same name, about an old cinema seen via childhood memory.  It was appropriate because I am currently making a film about a cinema I went to as a child (now demolished) and I have some reservations about it, particularly that others may find it boring in places because I'm showing what it was like, mainly from old photos.  I had chosen a word card before entering the labyrinth and looked at it now.  It was "Explain".  This made me think that instead of just presenting these images with a bit of dialogue saying what they were of, perhaps if I explained how the place made me feel and why I'm making the film, what I want to convey, it would have heart and people would warm to it.  This may not sound like much of an insight, but it showed me a way forward.  As I listened to the cinema-related music and made my outward journey I felt quite pleased with myself and began to see the path as almost a length of magnified film that I was walking along.  When I'd finished, as no-one else was walking at that point, I ran into the labyrinth, running round the centre a few times in both directions and then running out - like a child or a free spirit, as if I was that child visiting the cinema all those years ago.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

This time I chose to think of nothing, and I had no issues in mind as I entered the labyrinth.  I just wanted to feel calm and centred.  I deliberately took slow steps, slower than I normally do, and did find myself relaxing.  In the centre I looked around and saw things that made me think of plants, home, sun, water - basic needs really.  Maybe that's all I really want.  I looked at my word card, it was "Relax".  Then I enjoyed a slow relaxing walk out.  The labyrinth gave me what I needed.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

I was distracted as I walked, I couldn't settle (for good reasons).  At the centre I did feel a bit of a buzz but no particular insight, and I didn't expect it.  I looked at the word card I'd taken before starting the walk - FOCUS - good advice.  I walked out though with nothing special happening for me.  I don't blame the labyrinth - I just wasn't there to meet it on this occasion.

I had been reading the Diary of Anne Frank and felt compelled to think about this as I walked.  The contrast between her lack of freedom, when hiding in the secret annexe, and my abundance of freedom, really struck home to me.  Even walking within the confines of the labyrinth path I knew this was a restriction I could step out of if I wanted to (and I did accidentally step over the lines a couple of times).  I had just returned from a holiday in the English lake District and recalled how I could walk almost anywhere I wanted on the tops of the fells, while Anne was literally imprisoned in her hiding place and later in a concentration camp.  I thought wider to all the victims of the holocaust - the rules, the fear and ultimately the genocide.  I felt extremely grateful for my liberty and sent out a thought to those who have not been so fortunate.  I'm going to see Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam this coming Saturday and will be thinking more deeply of what it represents because of this labyrinth walk.

Monday 12 December 2012

My mind was full of festive thoughts and images throughout the walk. A small group started playing Christmas carols outside as I started, and they stopped just as I finished! The thoughts were of simple Christmas pleasures, not of spending or expensive gifts, and I've been wanting to get back to that core of a simple Christmas stripped of its commercial trappings - I think this walk has taken me closer to it. My word card was 'Explain' and at first this didn't mean much to me. Then I thought of how I am slowly making a film about Christmas (a hobby) and I take it to mean that I will use this film to explain or convey some of the simple, basic, enjoyable and uplifting aspects of the season.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

I've walked this labyrinth a few times now - not always without scepticism, about it or about my motivations  for doing it.  At some point, maybe to do with the time it takes, which isn't very long, a few minutes really, I drop my guard and just 'be'.  Amazing.  How many times do we get to do that?

Tuesday 27 March 2012

The ripples in the white sheet glimmering slightly in the sunlight made me think of white dunes and the peace found in these vast extenses leading back onto the deep blue (sea) carpet.

My walk was fairly brisk.  One or two fleeting thoughts passed in and out of my mind but for most of the inward walk I had a clear head.  At the centre I looked at the card I had taken - "NURTURE".  On the walk out I thought about what this meant to me.  It's spring so a time of new growth, and I thought of nurturing plants of course, then of nurturing people through training or coaching, and relationships and friendships.  Nurturing my ideas and hopes, ambitions, projects, myself even.  It felt a very positive thing to think about.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

I had the card "LEARN" and this made me think about making the best of my time here at the UEA. It [the labyrinth] is so relaxing, I would recommend it to everyone.  (Ruth, ENV)

Tuesday 10 July 2012

I have walked this labyrinth many times but this time the experience was unusual and different.  The word card I had was "Explore" which strangely had come up on my last walk a week ago. Explore what?  Places, ideas, job opportunities?  I found myself repeating the word like a mantra as I walked - did I explore more in the past? I also found I liked the sound of the bottom of my jeans swishing against the canvas of the labyrinth. This walk has given me something to think about.

Lovely. Thank-you.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

A lovely, relaxing time.  Thank you so much for providing this - I only wish it was more often!

I feel very calm now.  On the way out of the labyrinth I tried to walk laying my feet gently.  I suddenly remembered the bacteria!

I see the mat as pure white sand, the labyrinth seems endless as that desert sand, however finally after much wandering (both physically and mentally) you reach the deep sea-blue carpet below, back to reality but the colour is still serene as is (a bit more) my mind.  'Hope' was my guiding word, appropriate for the labyrinth as it seems never-ending (and at times causes feelings of impatience) and quite appropriate to me (impatient, sometimes quite pessimistic and cynical).  (Harriet)

Tuesday 12 March 2013

A good-humoured walk.  My word card said 'Harmony' and I felt quite chilled as I walked in.  No particular thoughts in my mind.  As I entered the centre I got goose bumps.  Stayed in the centre for a while and practised some Tai Chi stretches.  Just for fun I decided to walk out backwards (I'd seen someone else do this once) but it is so disorienting and it made me feel dizzy, so I soon changed to walking forwards!  I felt very relaxed afterwards.

Monday 13 May 2013

As this was the first time I have done this I found it to be more relaxing than I was expecting.

So hard to "let go" on the way in.  On the way out - a sense of having laid a weight down.  Thank you.

It slowed me down a bit and gave me a bit of perspective in the middle of a fraught and busy day! Thank you.

Like this style [of Labyrinth, ie Cretan].  It feels more original than the other one [Santa Rosa]. A bit like walking in a snail's entrails.  "REJOICE"

Tuesday 5 November 2013

For my walk I tried the technique of 'talking' (in my head) on the way in, this was all about my current concerns, and listening on the way out.  I found I enjoyed the silence on the way out after the buzz on the way in, even if I didn't 'hear' any ideas or solutions this time.  I certainly felt calm and contented.  I took a word card after the walk, it was HOPE and I think it's reminding me to always be optimistic, it was on yellow card too and I find yellow an optimistic colour.

I found that an issue that had really annoyed me this morning was cleared up.  I could see that no-one was wrong, we just had 2 different ways.  Thank you.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

It's meditation in movement.

I found my labyrinth walk very relaxing today.  Thinking of several current issues and problems, I reached the centre and looked at the word card I'd chosen - harmony.  It amused me because there was festive music playing and at that moment it was "The Lamb" by Taverner which moves between discord and harmony giving a sense of mystery then resolution.  I felt suddenly quite elated and full of hope - problems didn't seem quite so problematic!

Another calming walk - I feel much happier than I did earlier in the day.  Thanks Steve.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

It's difficult to see the path when you are walking it, but there is a route to the center.

A January walk in the labyrinth feels like it's about starting fresh, beginning something new, and today's walk felt like that.  There are several fresh new things happening for me at the moment and I felt positive as I walked in.  At the centre I looked at my word card, it was "Shine Brightly" which at first sounded a bit twee, but it seemed to look forward to Spring when everything is renewed and does feel bright and shiny.  So as I walked out I felt increasingly positive and hopeful.  I'd call this a walk of reconnection with the positives in life.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Going into the mourning of a friend who died of cancer at age 33.  She was very fond of the labyrinth and used them in her healing journey.  I had never tried it until today and I was amazed at how strongly it connected me to her and how strongly I felt her inspirational energy.  My card said ‘glow' which I looked at in the centre.  I shall carry the glow as a way of celebrating life.

A new experience although I have tried seated meditation.  Walking the labyrinth gave me something to focus on ie the pathway.  Similar to meditation I was able to also focus on my breathing.  Interestingly, I was actually able to walk slowly, something I very rarely do, so this was definitely a good ‘exercise' for me.  I enjoyed the peacefulness.  Still need to work on my chattering mind next time!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

This was a very wet day, the day after Bank Holiday. I took a word card and entered the labyrinth, allowing myself to dwell on one particular work issue - a long-term improvement I want to make but but don't know how best to deal with.  In the centre I looked at the word card and found it was actually two - SMILE and INTUITION. So keep cheerful about the issue and trust my intuition. Then as I walked out I seemed to see the issue with greater clarity and objectivity and began to see what the actual problem was. I feel I now have a better idea of what to focus on and change.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

The last walk of the season.  I was pre-occupied by something when I began the walk but I felt myself relax into the walk and I noticed the blue of my socks and the purple of the labyrinth lines.  I walked a little slower than I normally do.  I reached the centre and stood in a band of sunlight, then I took the two word cards from my pocket (I normally have just one) and held one in each hand.  Noticed the colours - I read blue (right hand) HOPE and then amber (left hand) BUILD.  This felt very positive - I hope things will be fine, but build and construct anyway.  Creating something is important to me and I find it counters many of life's darker moments.  I finished the walk feeling remarkably refreshed and positive.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

The centre of the labyrinth was very quiet.  I felt my heartbeat, my breath was loud in my nose and ears, and it was very comfortable to be in the climax.  I almost didn't want to leave but the journey outwards felt empowering as if I had collected something from the centre and was taking it out with me.  (Havard Winfield)

With this walk I decided to walk mindfully.  I paid attention to my breathing, the feeling of my feet on the canvas, temperature, how I physically felt.  I managed to be in the moment most of the time and had a very calm experience.  When I exited the labyrinth I felt balanced.  I took a word card almost as an afterthought, it was GROUNDED, which seems very appropriate to mindfulness practice and describes how I feel at this moment.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Another lovely relaxing and calming time.  It is a much needed oasis in the midst of busy times.  Thank you for providing this. (Tracey Hobbs)

Tuesday 28 April 2015

An old friend has just died, he's Mark who I've known for 30 years.  I used the walk to think about him and in my mind asked him to walk with me.  It seemed appropriate as we'd been on walking and backpacking holidays in the past.  I find the labyrinth a good place to think about difficult things - it allows me to find a place of inner peace.  Goodbye Mark, hope I'll see you again one day.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Another wonderful walk. Calm interlude or oasis in a busy day. Thanks Steve.  (Tracey)

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Very relaxing.  Connecting with my movements in a mindful way was good.  Mindful movement is normally hard for me but paying attention to my feet on the floor and the sounds around me that I'd normally miss was very calming.  (Emma)

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Very helpful source of groundedness meditation and reflection.  Helped me to detach a bit from outside pressure and get closer to the core of more.  Which is why I sat down in the centre for a while once I had reached it.  It was a nice place to be.  Coming back away from the centre there was a tinge of regret but this was softened and supported by the nature [of the] labyrinth itself.  So there was a gradual, gentle, come down, coming back from where I'd been.  I felt the need quite strongly afterwards to pay my respects to the labyrinth afterwards and before stepping out of it.  I later learnt this was a suggested/recommended process to do.  I liked the idea of [word] cards afterwards, although in some instances I can imagine it might be useful to take one before the start of the labyrinth.  I did not choose my card, my card chose me, it said "Grow" and this was very appropriate and useful to where I am now.  Thank you for the experience.

A lovely time as usual.  Helped me calm and centre after a busy morning.  Thanks Steve and CSED!

A fantastic opportunity to slow down and reflect, to 're-set'.  The cards are very useful as a way to reflect on a specific concept, and Steve is very knowledgeable about Labyrinths around Norwich and other books and resources on Mindfulness.  I am so pleased that UEA offers this!

Thursday 22 February 2018

I've a lot of big choices to make coming up.  It was nice to just take the time to think it through without other distractions.  I came to a positive resolution when I reached the centre.  Now just need to enact that.  Very good and unexpected.  (Liam O)

As I've reached the centre of the labyrinth it gave me a very comforting and grounding feeling.  It was possible to almost feel and be part of, or even connect with what seemed like ages of accumulated energy and knowledge.  It's a very calming and energising feeling.  I've set an intention before walking in and it gave me a surprisingly simple answer once I've reached the centre.  Life is simple as that.  (Laura)

Makes me think that I should be focussed more on my health and body than all the time struggling between my studies, earnings and children.  But have I had the choice?  Unfortunately, not unless giving up.  But walking the labyrinth made me realise that I should be more focussed on myself and stop running all the time because if not it will lead me to the burnout.  Thanks.  (Mikeille)

Very calming, a positive experience.  Enjoyed how the curves of the path affected my thought process!  Thanks.