E-learning Equality and Diversity Training Course for Staff E-learning Equality and Diversity Training Course for Staff

No matter which area of the University you work in you will be encountering an increasing diversity of people – either as students, colleagues or visitors.  Knowledge of the complex field of equality and how it relates to the University as a workplace is essential.  If you would like to gain a firm foundation in this area with the added benefit of doing it at times to suit your own workload then this e-learning course is exactly right for you.

Diversity in the Workplace is a comprehensive e-Learning course covering Equality and Diversity which has been especially produced for UEA by Marshall ACM.  It is accessed via a learning portal called the LMS.  The course takes approx. 2 hours to complete.   All the information in the module is kept up to date, and there are links to information about real issues in the form of case studies, articles and video clips, that illustrate the equality issues explored. The course does not need to be completed in one go - you can work at your own pace.

Within the course there are short quizzes and questions.   It is important that you work your way through all sections of the course and attempt all of the quizzes and questions – you can go back and revisit the various sections if you wish.  There is also a test to undertake on completion.  You must pass this test.  If you fail you will be required to retake it.  This exit test allows you to assess your knowledge on this subject. It is also important for the University to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and have a record of who has completed the training. The training record will support the University in meeting its legal obligations to train staff as part of its Single Equality Action Plan.

To Access the Course

You must first register as a new user.  Detailed step by step instructions of how to register and log into the course are provided in the User Guide – please read them carefully before proceeding.

Please note that this module uses Adobe Flash©. Most desktop and laptop devices are able to view Flash© content, but it is not possible to access the module using iOS devices or devices on which Flash© has not been installed.

If you experience any problems using the e-learning course, please contact equality@uea.ac.uk

Details of University Equality policies, plans and schemes can be found on: