Working with you to help relieve stress and encourage calm Working with you to help relieve stress and encourage calm

From Stress To Calm is a stress management workshop to help you identify what causes stress for you, to know what happens when you are stressed, and to learn practical methods for reducing its impact and bringing a greater feeling of calm into your life.  This is an opportunity for you to step out of your normal routine and acquire some tools and techniques that will help you counter potentially harmful stress and become calmer.  We will work on breathing, meditation, visualization, deep relaxation, changing perceptions, facing fears, laughter, being more positive and taking action.

This workshop supersedes the original Calm Course on which it is based, though it has been extensively updated and revised.

Some useful links relevant to the From Stress to Calm course::

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Kelly McGonigal "The Upside of Stress" TED Talk (the idea that stress is not the enemy but fear of stress is)

Amy Cuddy "Power Poses" TED Talk (how adopting power poses gives you a sense of power and wellbeing)

Rick Hanson "Take in the Good" (we are wired to absorb bad experiences, so must consciously absorb the good experiences to balance our outlook)

Pressure and Performance Curve - Williams 1994 (shows relationship between pressure and performance)

Headspace - Meditation online

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