Calm books Calm books

Many of these are available in the LaRC (Learning and Resources Centre) for UEA staff and research postgraduates to borrow. The LaRC is on Floor 02 of the UEA Library. You will need your Campus Card.

  • Adair, John (1987) How to Manage Your Time, Talbot Adair
  • Allcock, Deborah (1999) Do Yourself A Favour: How to be successful at work, Spiro Press
  • Andrews, Trey (2002) Life Shouldn't Be A Pain, One Publishing
  • Arewa, Caroline Shola (2001) Way of Chakras, Thorsons
  • Back, Ken and Kate Back (1999) Assertiveness At Work, 3rd Edn, McGraw-Hill
  • Brewer, Sarah (2000) Simply Relax: The Beginner's Guide to Relaxation, Duncan Baird Publishers
  • Carlson, Richard (1997) Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Hodder & Stoughton
  • Carlson, Richard and Joseph Bailey (1998) Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, Hodder & Stoughton
  • Davison, Brenda (1999) What's all this about STRESS, Tudor
  • Ditzler, Jinny S (1994) Your Best Year Yet, Thorsons
  • Edworthy, Ann (2000) Managing Stress, Open University Press
  • Fincher, Susanne F (1991) Creating Mandalas for Insight, Healing and Self-Expression, Shambhala
  • Fisher, Shirley (1994) Stress in Academic Life: The Mental Assembly Line, SRHE and Open University Press
  • Fontana, David (2004) Meditation week by week, Duncan Baird Publishers
  • George, Mike (2004) 1001 Meditations: How to discover peace of mind, Duncan Baird Publishers
  • Gutmann, Joanna (1999) The Assertiveness Workbook: A plan for busy women, Sheldon Press
  • Hare, Beverley (1988) Be Assertive: The Positive Way to Communicate Effectively, Vermillion
  • Holden, Robert (1998) STRESS BUSTERS: 101 ways to inner calm, Thorsons
  • Jeffers, Susan (1991) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Arrow
  • Johnson, Dr Spencer (1998) Who Moved My Cheese?, Vermilion
  • Juniper, Andrew (2003) Wabi Sabi: The Japanese art of impermanence, Tuttle Publishing
  • Looker, Terry and Olga Gregson (1997) Teach Yourself managing Stress, Hodder & Stoughton
  • Matthews, Andrew (1999) Being Happy!, Media Masters
  • McKenna, Paul (2006) Instant Confidence: The power to go for anything you want!, Bantam Press
  • Peiffer, Vera (1996) Thorsons Principles of STRESS MANAGEMENT, Thorsons
  • Powell, Richard R. (2005) WABI SABI SIMPLE, Adams Media
  • Short, Jeff (1998) Life's Little Pleasures, Jarrold
  • Skye, Paul (1998) MASTERY OF STRESS: Techniques for Relaxation in the Workplace, Arrow
  • Skynner, Robin and John Cleese (1997) FAMILIES and how to SURVIVE THEM, Vermillion
  • Smith, Manuel J (1989) When I Say No I Feel Guilty, Bantam Books
  • Traeger, James, Jenny Daisley and Liz Willis (1999) Navigator Men's Development Workbook, Hawthorn Press
  • Tucci, Giuseppe (2001) The Theory and Practice of Mandala, Dover Publications Inc
  • Tucker, Paul (2000) Tai Chi for Inner Harmony and Balance, Southwater
  • Virtue, Doreen (1998) Chakra Clearing: Awakening your spiritual power to know and heal , Hay House Inc
  • West, Marissa Gayle (2000) Exploring the Labyrinth: a guide for healing and spiritual growth, Broadway Books
  • Wilcocks, Graham and Steve Morris (1996) Handling Stress Positively, Open College
  • Willis, Liz and Jenny Daisley (1990) Springboard Women's Development Workbook, Hawthorn Press
  • Wilson, Paul (1995) Instant CALM, Plume
  • Wilson, Paul (1997) The Little Book of CALM, Penguin
  • Wilson, Paul (1998) The Little Book of CALM at Work, Penguin
  • Wilson, Paul (1999) The Little Book of SLEEP, Penguin

Calm music Calm music

These are typical of many CDs and cassettes that are available. Look out for shops which provide units for listening to music before you buy, and consider loaning CDs from libraries to find out what suits you best.

  • BUDDHA-BAR (many volumes) 
    The Buddah-Bar series are particularly enjoyable for those wanting something that is a little more modern than traditional relaxation CDs and tapes. Originating from a real club called Buddha-Bar in Paris, these volumes offer hypnotic and refreshing mixes of often well-known operatic arias, popular songs, mood and classical music. They are mostly mixes by Ravin, the resident pioneering DJ, and usually consist of two CDs, one lively and one more relaxing. Certainly worth trying - I can recommend Volumes III and VI.
    (George V Records, no ref numbers given but they are easily available from major record shops and from the internet) 
  • MUSIC FOR WELLBEING with Dr Hilary Jones 
    2 CD set containing 4 programmes of music to relax or inspire. Includes over 2 hours of music by Mozart, Bizet, John Barry, Debussy, Grieg, Vivaldi, Stanley Myers, Schubert, Satie, Borodin, Midori, David Sun etc. Dr Jones introduces each programme with some positive messages.
    (Deutsche Grammophon 465 469-2 GX2 for CD version)
    (Deutsche Grammophon 2MC 465 469-4 for Cassette version) 
    Performed by the author of "The Little Book of Calm", Paul Wilson, backed by Jim Reece's "Calm Way Out" music and with vocals by Kim Hart. The sleeve notes say "This recording will take you into progressively deeper states of calm. Track 1, "Be Calm", is animated, but its repetitive rhythmic patterns will ease you into the first stages of relaxation. Tracks 2-9 will gradually calm you further. (Do not use these while driving for extended periods!). Track 11. "Rest Easy", will begin to ease you back into the real world - calm, relaxed and uplifted."
    The tracks are: Be Calm; Peace of the Quiet; Thirty Seconds of Calm; Today's a Holiday; Slow Down; Leave Town; Pretend You Believe; All the Time in the World; Breathe Calm; Thank Your Good Humour; Rest Easy. See the Calm Books section of this page for details of some of Paul Wilson's books including the one this CD is based upon.
    (Columbia, 491849 2, ISBN 1 900162 35 0) 
    Contains: CHOPIN Nocturne No 10 in A Flat Major; MASSENET Meditation from Act 2 of Thais; MENDELSSOHN Nocturne from A Midsummer Night's Dream; BORODIN Nocturne from Quartet No 2 in D Major; ALBINONI Adagio in G Minor; GLUCK Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orfeo ed Euridice Act 2; FAURE Pavane; GOUNOD Judex from Mors et Vita.
    There are many classical compilation CDs of this type, designed either to inspire, to relax or as an aid to sleeping well, see those produced by Classic FM. Prices vary enormously.
    (EMI CD-CFP 4515) 
    One from "The Relaxation Series" of CDs. The sleeve notes say "This music for relaxation of body, mind and spirit works as a holistic healing medium for renewed psychosomatic balance and all around harmony and well-being." The music is written and produced by Sambodhi Prem and tracks are: To Every Heart Alive; Waltz for a Blissful Goddess; Aspects of Time; Mystery of the Moon; Mirror of the Sun; And yet... and yet...; Miracle before Breakfast; Kalimba Flight; Zen, Light and Silence; The Flower; A Sudden Dance.
    (New Earth Records, NE9814-2, ISBN 3-931254-91-7)
    You might like to consider other recordings by Sambodhi Prem at his website Global Suitcase
    Typical of many relaxation CDs and Cassettes containing a soothing mix of sound effects and vague musical themes. The sleeve notes say "Whilst a sultry summer breeze whips the leaves of trees and blades of grass around you, the guitar sounds (played with an "E-Bow") create a stark warmth sweeping across the landscape complimented by the breathy keyboard sounds in the distance."
    This was an economy CD costing under £5 though they can be expensive - shop around!
    (Tring International ATM011) 
    Another type of relaxation CD which provides recordings of continuous sounds from nature. Here the sleeve notes say "For ultimate relaxation. The majesty of the storm clouds, rolling thunder and flashes of lightning have been dramatically captured on this wonderfully evocative recording."
    This economy CD cost just £2.99. Other sound recordings in this 'Reflection' series include whales, melting ice, songbirds, a crackling fire, waterfalls. For a Reflection catalogue you can send a large sae to: Prodcat, MCI, 36-38 Caxton Way, Watford, Herts, WD1 8UF.
    (Reflection Tranquility, RFLCD216) 
    A relaxation CD from the 'Sounds of Nature' series which combines natural sounds with subtle synthesised effects. The tracks are simply listed as: 1. The Country Road, 2. The Country Air, 3. The Country Life
    The sleeve notes contain a poem worth repeating here:
        Charming as the sun appears
        Apple blush and sprinkle film
        Whisper through the stencil grove
        To sleepy valley, lazy hill
        Listen for the insect witter
        As faithfully they drone the day
        And dance among the bobble corn
        To rummage for its golden spray
        A dazzle flash adorns the land
        As bird and beast, expectant there,
        Are blinded by the morning's flush.
        They dart and dash, and spring to air
        Idle, wild the carpet green
        As creatures pad among the down
        And sparkle still the mirror blue
        That traps the form of nature's crown
        Marcus Shelton Feb 2000
    (NEWSOUND 2000 LTD, SN003) 
  • TRANQUILITY: sounds to soothe, relax and calm you 
    One of several economy CDs from Marks & Spencer, reasonably priced and offering a synthetic sound incorporating a range of instruments, waves, whale songs, drums, chants, pipes etc that will appeal to some. This cost £8. The tracks are as follows:
    1. De Profundis - setting the mood for relaxation, the sounds of waves, flutes and whale songs to take you into Tranquility
    2. Talisman - natural sounds and pipes creating a feeling of harmony and inner calm
    3. Titania's Dream - deeply restful music created by harp, keyboards and strings
    4. Perfume - sounds of hypnotic waves and an enchanting melody to reduce stress and create a sense of calm
    5. The Long Way Home - layers of chants, drums and flutes meditate the mind and calm the spirit
    6. Laughing Wolf Madrigal - pipes, guitars and drums take you on a journey to a distant land
    7. March of a Thousand Days - drum rhythms, expressive flute and chants recreate the spirit of African planes and rivers
    8. Monsoon - the sound of rain and nature creates a deep sense of calm and harmony whilst uplifting the spirit
    9. Blue Pool - keyboards reflect the stillness of a pool and the soft breeze that caresses the surface of the water
    10. Out of the Depths - uplifting yet serene and peaceful - flute and sounds from the depths of the ocean recreate the grace and beauty of the great animals of the deep
    (Marks & Spencer MS4977)