Recruitment on-line Training Module Recruitment on-line Training Module

Click on the link to the right to access the online module.

If you are using a computer on the campus you will be taken straight into your dashboard. However, if you are using a non-campus computer you will need to use your normal UEA account details to access the module.

A copy of the Staff User Guide is available to download here.

The module is for those staff who are or will be involved with recruitment and selection, to enable them to develop their recruitment and interviewing skills in the context of the University’s Guidelines on Recruitment and Selection.

The course will take approximately 2 hours in total to complete, but you can choose to complete it in sections and your progress will be saved until you next access the module. Worked examples and links to useful documents and web pages mean that you can easily access relevant information while you learn.

Refresher training is required every two years, and CSED will email you one month beforehand to remind you that a refresher is due.

If you experience any problems using this online training module, please contact Alison Clements in HRD,

Recruitment Training Module