SCAITS: Staff Communications and Information Technology Skills SCAITS: Staff Communications and Information Technology Skills

What is SCAITS?

SCAITS stands for 'Staff Communications and Information Technology Skills'.

Over many years UEA has sought to extend the C&IT skills of its staff. We were therefore particularly pleased to be awarded a one year JISC -funded project to investigate how an appropriately C&IT skilled work force might be generated and maintained at a Higher Education Institution.

What stage has SCAITS reached?

Although the JISC-funded project is now complete, our work on this topic will continue as opportunity and resources permit.

The funded project has generated a major report C&IT skills: developing staff C&IT capability in Higher Education. My thanks goes to the many colleagues throughout the HE sector who enriched the findings through discussion or by supplying information.

Paper copies of the report have been distributed to all UK HEIs (to the head of institution, with additional copies to pass to heads of staff development, human resources, learning technology, and the computing/information service - or their equivalents), and further paper copies are available on request. The contents are also available via the resources page of this web site.

The one-day SCAITS regional workshops, together with other SCAITS presentations, have generated much interest and discussion. If any HEI is interested in exploring the possibility of holding a SCAITS seminar or workshop for the benefit of its own staff, please get in touch... such things may be possible, by arrangement.

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Please note - this page is being kept for reference only, the SCAITS Project (directed by Dr Paddy Anstey) is no longer active.