UEA staff e-learning and mandatory training UEA staff e-learning and mandatory training

The following e-Learning Modules are available to all UEA staff - please note that most are mandatory for some or all staff as stated.

Access the following via the LearnUpon system - you may need your UEA username and password (staff number).  Click on the links below and follow the instructions.  If required a user guide has been provided.

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HR Courses

Safety Services

Information Compliance Courses

Advisor Training


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Recruitment and Selection

TARGET AUDIENCE: Mandatory for staff involved in certain aspects of the staff recruitment process.

The module is for those staff who are or will be involved with recruitment and selection, to enable them to develop their recruitment and interviewing skills in the context of the University’s Guidelines on Recruitment and Selection.

The course will take approximately 2 hours in total to complete, but you can choose to complete it in sections and your progress will be saved until you next access the module. Worked examples and links to useful documents and web pages mean that you can easily access relevant information while you learn.

Refresher training is required every two years, and CSED will email you one month beforehand to remind you that a refresher is due.

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Training Sponsor: Alison Clements, HRD, alison.clements@uea.ac.uk


Diversity in the Workplace

TARGET AUDIENCE: Mandatory for all staff. Refresher training is required every two years

This e-learning module is a great way for staff to gain a firm foundation on equality and diversity matters. This online course is simple to use, relevant and relates current legislation to real situations in a University environment. Read more...

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Training Sponsor: Matthew Gooch, Equality and Diversity Office, matthew.gooch@uea.ac.uk


Staff Appraisal

TARGET AUDIENCE: Mandatory for appraisers, recommended for appraisees.

The new UEA Staff Appraisal e-learning module allows staff to gain or refresh their knowledge of UEA Staff Appraisal policy, provides practical guidance on how the process can best be managed, and links to the comprehensive appraiser and appraisee guidance documents.   Those colleagues who undertake appraisal of others, and have not completed CSED appraisal training since December 2014 are required to complete the e-learning module prior to conducting any appraisals and three-yearly thereafter.  As all UEA staff partake in appraisal reviews, it is highly recommended that all staff complete appraisal e-learning so that they are able to understand and engage fully with the process.

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Training Sponsor: Linda Cole, HRDLinda.Cole@uea.ac.uk


Staff Induction 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Essential for all new staff.

This module is designed to help new staff become familiar with the history of the University, its structure and organisation, the Campus, UEA policies, as well as the facilities and services offered by the University.  It provides links to essential information which will be of value to staff ‘from day one’, such as transport options and where to eat.  The module is also useful to longer-term staff through its information links, as an aide-memoir, and as a central source of knowledge for those responsible for induction of new staff members.

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Training Sponsor: Steve Oldfield, CSED, s.oldfield@uea.ac.uk



All staff working with personal data must, at minimum, complete the online data protection training module as soon as possible after commencement of their duties.  Freedom of Information, Record Management, Information Security, and Copyright training is essential for some staff depending on their roles/responsibilities.  If you are in any doubt about your requirement to complete any of these five modules, please contact dataprotection@uea.ac.uk  for advice.

The first three courses in this category are available as part of a blended training approach, when used with face-to-face training courses delivered by the course sponsor in association with CSED.

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Data Protection

This course provides an introduction to the Act and the obligations on UEA in regards our handling of personal data and requests for access to that data. All staff working with personal data must, at minimum, complete the online data protection training module as soon as possible after commencement of their duties. It is recommended that refresher training is undertaken every one to two years.

Freedom of Information

This course covers the basics of the Act, how UEA manages requests for information, and addresses the implications of the Act for work practices at UEA.  This course is available to all staff and can be undertaken at any time; ideally within the first month of employment, and prior to any involvement in the FOI request-handling process.



This course provides general information about copyright, how UEA approaches copyright, and guidance on what can and cannot be done under the Act.  The course is for academic staff and others involved in the creation or reuse of copyright material.  It should be undertaken within the first three months of employment for any academic staff, and as required for other staff.

Information Security

The University faces considerable challenges in safeguarding the information generated by each department and School. Although technical solutions implemented by ITCS go some way to protect the University, individual staff members need to be aware of the simple measures they can take to improve information security and avoid damaging and costly data losses.  This online training module helps you identify and avoid potential information security hazards, whether you’re working in the office, on a mobile device or at home.  This training is for all UEA staff and should, ideally, be completed in the first week of employment, before access is granted to UEA-controlled personal data.

Records Management

UEA recognises that the efficient management of its records is necessary to support its core functions, to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and to contribute to the effective overall management of the institution.

This course enables the user to understand how:

  • The right information is created and kept for as long as it is needed but no longer
  • Information is held in a form and manner that helps people access it
  • Information is stored, used and protected in accordance with the many requirements of its creators, users, the University, the law and regulatory bodies
  • Cost effectiveness is maintained (in terms of the time spent looking for information and storage space used).

This training is for all staff whose role involves handling University records and should ideally be completed within the first month of employment.



Fire safety

Mandatory for all staff, to be repeated annually.

This training is now available as a web-based course via Blackboard and provides essential fire safety advice and guidance for all UEA staff.  


Health and Safety (Generic) 

Essential for all staff

This training is now available as a web-based course via Blackboard and provides fundamental health and safety advice and guidance for all UEA staff. 


Use of display screen equipment (DSE)

Essential for all staff using DSE

This training is now available as a web-based course via Blackboard and provides essential advice for all staff who use visual display units and keyboards on how to avoid eyestrain and muscular problems when using Display Screen Equipment.


Manual Handling: Lifting Techniques for Office Staff and Non-office Staff 

Muscle strains and back injury caused by lifting and carrying are a common cause of pain.  An understanding of the principles of manual handling can help everyone to minimise the risk and is designed to identify some of the areas of risk which might be present in many routine activities.   This training available as a web-based course via Blackboard.  


Information about all four USS online training courses is sent to new staff but if you have not been contacted or wish to enrol on one or of these courses please email training.uss@uea.ac.uk

Training sponsor: Simon Walklate, USS, s.walklate@uea.ac.uk


Advisor Training 

This training is for academic staff who undertake a student advisor role.  Advisors should ensure that they are fully briefed on the requirements of the role, have undergone appropriate training at the required frequencies, and are able to refer advisees to the other specialist support services. It is the responsibility of Heads of Schools, normally through their Senior Advisor, to highlight training requirements for Advisors and ensure Advisors attend at least once every three year. Enrol

Training Sponsor:  Caroline Sauverin, LTS, c.sauverin@uea.ac.uk