An 'unconference a very loosely structured conference focusing on the exchange of ideas on various themes. There will be no formal presentation but instead, conversations will be facilitated by 'anchors' who will choose their own topic.

Some of the University and National Teaching Fellows at UEA have kindly agreed to be 'anchors' who will facilitate conversations. They will do a very short talk (3-5 minutes) about their area of interest in learning and teaching, and then invite participants to share what they do or would like to do in a topic area, what successes and/or concerns they have. After 15-20 minutes we’ll ask participants to move along to another anchor and another topic.

The following topics discussed were:

  • Educake
  • Promoting discussion in seminars
  • Creating participatory-democratic learning spaces
  • Making the transition from professional to Higher Education lecturer
  • Teaching mathematics to the unwilling
  • Immersive virtual reality
  • Sparking student engagement and participation
  • Working with museums