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The Creative Learning group is for staff to combine their diverse skills in making visual material, later translating this into novel teaching formats. Examples might be collaborative drawing projects, together with seminar discussions around inspiration, motivation and learning.

  • Developing opportunities for creative learning through sharing good practice
  • Imaginative activity is a form of mental/serious play
  • Creativity carries with it the idea of action and purpose. It is, in a sense, applied imagination
  • Teaching creatively-teachers using imaginative approaches to make learning more interesting, exciting and effective
  • Being creative in developing materials to motivate student learning-this is just ‘good’ teaching
  • Teaching for creativity-intended to develop students’ own creative thinking
  • Teachers cannot develop the creative abilities of their students if their own creative abilities are suppressed
  • The development of self-confidence and trust can help to foster creativity-curiosity can be stimulated.

The following Creative Learning sessions will take place on Tuesdays, Lawrence Stenhouse Building, Art Room, 01.18, 12.00-1.00pm, on the dates specified. 
All welcome!

Stick with Me! Stick with Me!

Tuesday 13 March 2018 

We will assemble a large collage or tableau, using newspapers, magazines and other found imagery, the emphasis being upon discovery through practice and enthusiastic collaboration rather than technical ability. In discussing this process and what we have made we will consider how creativity and an openness to chance elements can support and extend pedagogic practice.

Creative Accounts Creative Accounts

Tuesday 10 April 2018 

Participants will put together a visual diary using their own photographs, as well as widely-sourced materials such as photos by others, drawings, diagrams, postcards and similar ephemera, accompanying this visual material with written notes recording its personal and general relevance to teaching. Our aim in this act of personal inquiry will be to collate, organise and turn into storyboards key aspects of our development as teachers.

Having a Smashing Time! Having a Smashing Time!

Tuesday 17 April 2018

In this session we will tear up paper, mistreat video cameras, and wander about the campus taping incongruous objects to walls and floors. Can disruption and contradiction help us to improve our teaching and learning and navigate the world in a more interesting way? - our creative investigations will be documented with mobile phones, with a live feed to Instagram providing a further feedback loop for reflectivity and discussion.

It’s on the Cards It’s on the Cards

Tuesday 1 May 2018

In this session we will think about what creative skills are involved in teaching and in the act of learning itself, using clay, Lego and a set of “prompt” cards designed to initiate new, playful teaching strategies. How might games and playful approaches to teaching be used to foster imagination, interaction and positive change in the teaching environment?

Making and Mapping Making and Mapping

Tuesday 15 May 2018

All learning begins with some specific places or things, and this session will look at personal references as starting points through making monoprints , and using unorthodox art materials such as string. Maps and mapping will be considered as ways to research and record the contexts in which pedagogic practice takes place. Can we chart the twists and turns of the environment through our creative practice so as to helps us to see teaching in a new light?

Frankly, I Object Frankly, I Object

Tuesday 22 May 2018

How can we use a self-reflexive approach to identity, to “who we are”, to helps us to be more inspiring teachers? Taking personal items brought in by the participants, such as a book, a pen, a pair of spectacles, an ornament, doll, camera, or anything else, we will assemble an “installation”, using this network of objects as a source of discussion around identity, education and the material world.