Learning & Teaching Day 2015 Learning & Teaching Day 2015

About the day

Learning & Teaching Day is a collaboration between the Centre for Staff and Educational Development and the Learning & Teaching Day Steering Group consisting of members from LTS, CHE, HSC, EDU, UUEAS, CCEN, SSS and ITCS.

The event, now in its ninth year, is an opportunity for those involved in learning and teaching across the University and partner institutions to meet and explore themes across all disciplines.

The theme of this year’s day was ‘Student Transitions’.

Keynote sessions include:

  • Michael Grove, (Inaugural Director of the University of Birmingham’s STEM Education Centre) on Transitions into STEM Education.
  • Mick Healey (HE Consultant and Researcher) on Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching.

Simon Lancaster's Storify from the day - Updated 4 August 2015


Presentations from the day - Updated 14 May 2015

Keynote - Michael Grove
Plenary - Mick Healey

Parallel Sessions

New technologies, social media and collaborative learning - David Gill, UCS
How do we know our students? - Neil Cooper, Mickey O’Connell, Vicky Scaife, Kamena Henshaw, PSY
Transitioning into the digital student ‘Virtual lectures, genuine learning’ - Alicia McConnell and Tarnya Marshall, ITCS
5 Questions to aid student academic transition - Zoe Jones, Chris Bishop and Nick Wright, LET Team, SSS
Transition into and through medical school - Laura Bowater and Dominique Hubble, MED
Transitions in the Widening Participation Student Lifecycle - Patricia Harris, FMH
Evaluating the impact of Peer-Assisted Learning on students’ performance and attrition - George Papadopoulos, ECO
Mathematical transitions - Peter Dawson, ECO and Robert Jenkins, SSS
Student Peer assessment: feedback as a dialogic process - Clive Matthews et al, HUM
“You can’t Google your way to a degree” - Jane Helgesen and Emma Coonan, ISD
Evaluation of Evening Simulation Sessions - Ruth Strudwick and Jane Harvey-Lloyd, UCS
Summer Laboratory Research Projects - Richard Bowater, BIO
Externally Mandated Assessment - Claire Cuminatto, PPL
Embedding employability within the healthcare curriculum - Lise Duffy, HSC
Study Work Abroad: Global Transitions - Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey, ARM, Claudina Richards, LAW, Eylem Atakav, AMA
Supporting the transition to doctoral-level writing - Jeremy Schildt, SSS
In absentia? Online PPD for Postgraduate Researchers - Matthew Sillence, HUM
What is higher education for? - Stefi Barna, MED, Konstantinos Chalvatzis, NBS, Jenni Turner and Tim O’Riordan, ENV, Thomas Greaves, PPL, Amber-Jane Thurlow, DEV
Ploughing the Pluralist Pedagogues - Fabio Arico, Duncan Watson and Peter Dawson, ECO


Poster Presentations - updated 20 May 2015
Peer-Instruction Unveiled - Fabio Arico, ECO
From School to University: What do our students expect from their first year lecture? - Nor Abdul Kadir, NBS
Academic Group Work in UK HE - David Nevard, Neil Cooper and Charles Segar, PSY
The UEA Healthcare Employability Development Portfolio (EDP) - Lisa Taylor, HSC
The role of Peer Assisted Learning in supporting SLT students’ transition into university - Anne Guyon, HSC
Reading Online - Sarah Elsegood, LIB
Evaluating technology-enhanced learning - Veena Rodrigues, MED
Out of the frying pan… -  Sue Hollinrake and Sue Taplin, UCS


Summaries of Presentations (Reports from Chairpersons) - updated 15 June 2015

New technologies, social media and collaborative learning - David Gill, UCS
How do we know our students? - Neil Cooper, Mickey O’Connell, Vicky Scaife, Kamena Henshaw, PSY
Evaluating the impact of Peer-Assisted Learning on students’ performance and attrition: evidence from NBS, MED and DEV - George Papdopolous, ECO
Mathematical transitions: The mathematical and statistical needs of students undertaking undergraduate studies in UK Higher Education institutions - Peter Dawson, ECO and Robert Jenkins, SSS
Transition out of Higher Education: the wider context - Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey et al
You can’t Google your way to a degree: how can we help students become digital scholars at UEA? - Jane Helgesen and Emma Coonan, ISD, UEA
Embedding Employability within the Healthcare Curriculum and Supporting Transitions - Lise Duffy, HSC
Externally Mandated Assessment: A Way to Embed Employability within the Curriculum - Claire Cuminatto, PPL
Summer Laboratory Research Projects Help Science Students Identify their Next Steps Upon Graduation - Richard Bowater, BIO
Evaluation of evening simulation sessions - Ruth Strudwick & Jane Harvey-Lloyd, UCS


Book of Abstracts

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