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Why we're here

The Centre for Staff and Educational Development promotes and supports good practice in all aspects of developing the University's staff. The University defines staff development as policies, procedures and practice designed to develop knowledge, skills and awareness of staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the individual and institution. CSED provides an extensive and varied programme of workshops and seminars to support the University's objectives.

What CSED does

The Centre provides a programme of courses and events, details of which are advertised through our frequently updated web pages. The courses meet the need for information and skills development and are informal and participative in style. We also fund staff to attend appropriate external courses, within the guidelines in the staff development and training policy.

We offer seminars and events on teaching methods, course design and teaching skills, research and scholarship and various aspects of university management, training for appraisers and appraisees, personal and professional development, guest seminars on aspects of learning, teaching and educational management, and workshops on problem solving skills, time management and presentation skills. These are complemented by ICT courses which help staff to work more productively. 

Information and Advice

All staff have access to members of the Centre team who can provide information about training and development opportunities within the University and beyond, the suitability of a particular course or programme, who to contact for further information and so on. The Centre maintains a stock of videos, books and open learning materials for self-directed study. These are accessible and available for loan through the Learning and Resources Centre located on Floor 02 of the Library building.

Staff of the Centre have skills and expertise areas including coaching and mentoring, creative methods of staff development, personal development, learning and teaching and assessment skills. We are happy to put these skills to use in helping Schools or Units to carry out training and development activities.

Tailored Sessions, Events, Commissioning a Course

One area of rapid growth over the last few years has been in events arranged in collaboration with Schools and departments. This encompasses all sorts of tailor-made programmes, for example, away-days that help Schools, sectors or other groups and units to come together and work collectively on issues or problems, or events on a theme such as managing change or team building.

Courses may be commissioned, depending on the subject matter and the availability of staff and other resources, so if something you require doesn't appear in our Programme please ask. As for all CSED courses, there is normally no charge, unless external trainers are engaged to run a specially commissioned course, or the course is specifically for taught students. Since Schools are responsible for the provision of all necessary teaching for their students, all undergraduate and postgraduate student work undertaken by CSED for a School is necessarily charged to the commissioning School.

CSED's IT courses can be repeated for those who are not part of the University, by arrangement. Modest tailoring to particular needs can normally be accommodated on request.

If you are thinking of arranging a staff development event for your School or Unit, and would like some support in designing or running it, or if you are interested in commissioning a course, please contact Amanda Giles, Head of the Centre for Staff and Educational Development, ext 3699 or email: