Agendas and Minutes - Enrol

Many people find themselves required to construct agendas and take minutes at meetings, often without training. This online Blackboard module is for staff with little or no experience of taking minutes. It covers the preparation of agendas, the structure and content of minutes and different minute-taking styles.  It provides useful tips on writing effective minutes and includes a variety of information, video tutorials and opportunities to practice. Training Sponsor: Sally Gregory, CSED, sally.gregory@uea.ac.uk


Project Management Skills - Enrol

This online introductory Blackboard learning module is for staff running a project as part of their role for the first time, staff supporting a project or for those wanting to explore the application of project based working skills as part of their day to day work. The module introduces the basic concepts, processes and skills used to take a project through the key phases, and suits staff who wish to work through the learning at their own pace. Training Sponsor: Sally Gregory, CSED, sally.gregory@uea.ac.uk 


Leading and Chairing Meetings  - Enrol

If you haven’t led or chaired a meeting before it can feel quite daunting. This online Blackboard module is for staff with little or no experience of Chairing meetings and includes considerations you may want to make prior to, during and after your meeting. The module comprises a meeting simulation where you can consider the choices you might make as the Chair, a set of learning materials you can access to support you in developing your own style and an interactive opportunity to reflect on your experiences. 
Training Sponsor: Sally Gregory, CSED, sally.gregory@uea.ac.uk 

Staff Induction

An introduction to the University

Training Sponsor: Steve Oldfield, CSED, s.oldfield@uea.ac.uk


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Sharing files with OneDrive – self enrol to Blackboard course 

Sharing files using OneDrive can reduce our vulnerability to data breaches and help to improve our productivity. Anyone can view the information discussed in the sessions by following the self-enrolment instructions below. The course includes a four-minute video and a help sheet that demonstrate the recommended method for sharing Office files.


  1. Follow this link: https://learn.uea.ac.uk/webapps/blackboard/execute/launcher?type=Course&id=_122478_1

  2. Click +Enrol on left of window

  3. Scroll down Blackboard homepage to MY ORGANISATIONS and follow links to ICT Training > Sharing Files

Training Sponsor:  Pip Cartwright, CSED, p.cartwright@uea.ac.uk


Microsoft Project online training

A series of useful videos on aspects of Microsoft Project. (Externally hosted)