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Is coaching for you?

If you would like to work with a supportive and non-judgemental colleague on aspects of your personal and professional development, coaching could be the right approach for you.  The success of a coaching partnership depends significantly on the attitude and commitment of the individual being coached. If you decide to go ahead with coaching, you must be prepared to:

  • Take responsibility for your own development

  • Understand that the role of the coach is to challenge and encourage but not to provide answers

  • Prepare for meetings beforehand

  • Be willing to learn and be open to suggestions

  • Note and implement action points

  • Recognise when the partnership, having achieved its planned objective/s, has reached its conclusion.

How staff have benefited from the scheme 

Members of staff working in a variety of roles have benefited from coaching. Some examples of the issues they have worked on with our coaches include: undertaking a new role; leading and managing a team; dealing with challenging work relationships; implementing changes to working practices; introducing a new idea; planning their career development; developing their current job in innovative ways.  

After each completed coaching assignment we ask for feedback on people’s experience of being coached. Here are some of their comments:


‘How to deal with senior and junior colleagues in a confident, clear and open way was one of the main issues we worked together on and I felt that by the end of the coaching, I achieved what I hoped for.’  

‘I enjoyed the process enormously, I feel as if I’ve grown mentally and my capacity to learn has been expanded. I loved the fact that, with my coach, I was able to find methods of solving current and possibly future issues, in a relaxed, confidential and safe environment. I feel that I will be much more effective in my working role now and am very positive about the future.’ 


‘My coach gave me space to talk about some rather difficult situations, which made me feel like I was being heard. It gave me confidence to move forward and regain interest and enthusiasm for my role.’


If you wish to apply for a coach use the link below to the UEA Coaching Participant Form.

If you have any questions about the Coaching Scheme contact Gurpreet Gill, Senior Staff Development Officer, CSED, ext 2951, email

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