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Phone: ext 1822 (01603 591822)
Room: Room 0.14
Address: The Registry, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich NR4 7TJ

In one way or another Vic has been at UEA since 1965. In addition to his ‘regular' academic job as an historian he has worked in a variety of capacities in other parts of the University, such as the Dean of Students' Office and has also had long periods of responsibility for various aspects of student welfare and discipline. He has been heavily engaged in what is now called ‘outreach'. Throughout his career he has had a continuing interest in how we teach. Currently, he is Humanities Tutor in Higher Education Practice in CSED. He is especially interested in how ‘appropriate technologies' affect scholarly and pedagogic practice; in teaching as ‘performance'; the micro-management of teaching delivery. His next book will be on ritual and ceremony in early-modern England, with special reference to Norwich. He is also working on the idea of Fame in the renaissance.