Funding for Staff on Degree and Other Courses Funding for Staff on Degree and Other Courses

Courses provided by CSED within the University are free of charge to any member of staff. In exceptional circumstances, a charge will be made to Schools or departments e.g. where the course is specially commissioned for a particular School and where significant costs are incurred.

Limited funding is also available from CSED for partial sponsorship of individual development (see the policies page for details).

As a general rule, fees for external courses and conferences are the responsibility of the relevant School, Faculty or Division. Guidance about this and other issues is given below.

1. External Courses

2. UEA Degree Courses

3. UEA Staff Development and Training Programme

1. External Courses

Criteria for funding

All applications for funding must be submitted to the Head of School or Division before the course or activity takes place.

All applications should be looked at in the light of the Staff Development Policy, previously determined priorities for expenditure and the need to manage the training budget in an equitable way. In appropriate cases applicants will be invited to make a contribution towards the total cost. In reaching a decision the following factors will be taken into account:

  • Relevance to the individual's job and future career and personal development taking to account his/her current level of experience and qualifications;
  • Relevance to the organisational objectives of the Faculty/School/Unit and the University;
  • Cover - that the Faculty/School/Unit can cope with the extra demands resulting from attendance;
  • The training to be by the most cost-effective method.

External Courses leading to a qualification

Day Release Courses

The term 'day release' is applied to courses where attendance is during normal working hours on one or more days per week. Staff granted day release must be prepared to attend evening classes where these are an integral part of the course. If attendance is approved funding will be provided to cover the course fee and examination fee.

Normally support for succeeding years will only be given where staff show satisfactory progress in their studies and have passed all appropriate examinations/coursework for each year.

Distance Learning Qualifications

Applications for a contribution towards the cost of a distance learning qualification will be considered where it can be demonstrated that the course of study is relevant to the individual's job and is in the managerial interest of the School/Unit.

Condition of Assistance/Support

It will be a condition of the support that the member of staff will undertake to study and sit for the appropriate examinations, and/or submit required coursework at the agreed date. Except in exceptional circumstances staff who discontinue the course without the consent of their manager or Head of School and the Head of Staff and Educational Development may be required to repay the whole of the award made to them.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence with pay will be granted to staff sitting examinations associated with an approved course of training including travelling time. In addition study leave may be granted immediately prior to the examinations. The amount of study leave will be determined by the Head of School or manager and will depend on the course of study concerned with leave comprising alternate days of special paid leave and annual leave.

Other external courses, workshops and seminars

Applications for assistance with any of the above forms of staff development will be considered in the light of the criteria set out under "Criteria for Funding". Funds will not normally be available for attendance at an academic subject conference. Normally the course fee only will be met from the central training budget and the Schools/Units will be expected to meet travel costs and expenses.

2. UEA Degree Courses

Conditions and Costs

Members of the University staff are eligible to apply to register for UEA degree courses and if accepted pay the same rates as other students for higher doctorates (ScD, L.H.D.) and full cost programmes such as the Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Full-time University employees will not be charged fees when registering for a part-time degree. Part-time employees will also benefit from fees remission on a pro-rata basis. There will, however, be a qualifying period of three years' continuous employment before any employee will be allowed to benefit from fees remission.

Where staff are employed with the expectation that they will register for a higher degree (for example, research assistants/associates or graduate teaching assistants), the qualifying period will be waived and registering for the higher degree made a formal condition of employment. Where academic staff have been appointed and the Head of the School considers that the employee should register for a higher degree, he or she may request that the Director of Human Resources waive the qualifying period, in which case the requirement to register for a higher degree will be made a condition of employment, either on appointment or later.

Employees of the Affiliated Institutes, whether full-time or part-time, and registered for a part-time degree at UEA, will pay three-quarters of the normal fee for the course.

Staff who register for a part-time degree are advised that they will require approval from their Head of School or manager where attendance requires an individual to request a change in working hours.

Master in Business Administration

Funding will be available for one place on each intake for a member of University staff providing that the candidate is successful in gaining a place and the application meets the criteria set out under "Criteria for Funding". For further information contact the Norwich Business School.

3. UEA Staff Development and Training Programme

Resources from the central training budget will be made available to offer a programme of development and training for University staff. The programme will cover areas related to the development of individuals within Schools/Units and the institution as a whole.

Application should be made direct to CSED and where appropriate staff attending sessions must have approval from their Head of School or manager.

No charge is made for attendance at these events, except in exceptional circumstances, e.g. where the course leads to an externally awarded qualification and the participant does not complete the course. CSED reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for non-attendance on courses where insufficient notice is given.

All staff should be encouraged to take advantage of the staff development and training programme offered centrally. If current central provision does not meet the specific learning needs of individuals or groups of staff, the Head of Staff Development should be contacted to explore alternative options. CSED may be able to offer a bespoke solution, but if this is not possible, the Head of Staff Development can recommend a cost effective external provider.

Where faculties, schools and departments have established local arrangements and policies regarding staff development, the overarching principles and guidance contained in the central University Policy for Staff Development and Training still apply.