Members of the Learning and Teaching Committee Members of the Learning and Teaching Committee

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) (Chair) - Professor Neil Ward (2018)

Academic Director of Taught Programmes - Dr Clive Matthews 

Academic Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement - Mrs Helena Gillespie 

Academic Director of Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes - Dr Nick Watmough

Academic Director of Partnerships - Professor Ian Dewing

Head of Staff Development - Ms Amanda Giles

Directors of University Services - Ms Andrea Blanchflower (LTS) and Ms Helen Lewis (RID)

Director of Information Services - To be appointed 

Director of Library Services - Mr Nick Lewis

Director of Student Services - Dr Jon Sharp 

Chair (Associate Dean) of the LTQ of each Faculty - Professor Nick Selby (HUM), Ms Ratula Chakraborty (SSF), Dr Ben Milner (SCI) & Mrs Emma Sutton (FMH)

City College Norwich Representative - Mr Jerry White


The Undergraduate Education Officer of the Union of Students - Ms Mary Leishman (2018)

The Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of Students - Ms Maddie Colledge (2018)

The Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer - Ms India Edwards (2018)

Secretary - Ms Michele Pavey, Learning and Teaching Manager

In attendance: 
Mrs Laura Thompson, Head of LTS (Quality)
Ms Caroline Sauverin, Head of LTS (Systems)
Dr Louise Bohn, Head of Partnerships (LTS)
Dr Vivien Easson, Head of Postgraduate Research Service 
Mr Jim Dickinson, Chief Executive (Union of UEA Students) 
Mr Jeremy Moyle, Academic Director, INTO 
Mr Ian Callaghan, Director of Finance, Planning and Governance