Find out more about the staff working in the committee office Find out more about the staff working in the committee office

Dr Garrick Fincham 

(Assistant Registrar : Tel 01603 59(3498) Email 

Responsible for the overall management and work of the Committee Office. 

Mrs Becky Phillips 

(Senior Administrative Assistant: Tel. 01603 59(3203) Email 

Responsible for servicing the main Committee's of the Committee Office - Audit, Assembly (with the Standing Committee of the Assembly), Biological Hazards and GM Sub-Committee, Council, Council Strategy Conference, Equality & Diversity Committee, Finance Committee, Governance Committee, Information Strategy and Services Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee and the Senate. 


  • Preparation and circulation of agenda & papers for 12 Committee's in the UEA house style
  • Maintain the UEA Committee Office website and its contents
  • Produce the UEA Almanac on a yearly basis
  • Produce the UEA Orange Book on a yearly basis (currently under review)
  • Update and maintain the UEA Calendar Website
  • Organise Support Staff to Council / Assembly / Senate on Council elections
  • Produce and maintain the UEA Standing Orders for Committees
  • In charge of the FPG Office Printing Budget
  • Deal with general enquires and research/FOI enquiries to the Committee Office
  • Involved in the BIU Team (BIU Website, meeting organisation, research etc)