Dates of meetings of the University's Committees & Boards Dates of meetings of the University's Committees & Boards

The UEA Almanac is the booklet which sets out the dates of the meetings of the University's Committees and Boards for the forthcoming academic year. 

You can access this by clicking on the links to the right.

Please note that there may be changes to the Almanac which has been released. The pdf which you open is the updated version with any amendments included. 

Please note the 2018/19 Electronic Almanac is available for your Outlook calendar - see instructions further down page. 

Electronic Almanac 2018-19 Electronic Almanac 2018-19

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 2018/2019 OUTLOOK ALMANAC IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED - Please come back to check when avaliable. 

Please note the text below relates to the 2018-2019 Almanac. 

Outlook/Exchange users can copy events directly into their personal calendar (or a persons calendar for whom you have been given the correct permission level - Editor and Publishing Editor work) without having to enter any event details manually. The University Almanac is available to all staff Exchange users via the Committee Office public folder.

You can add any of the events to either your Outlook personal calendar or another persons calendar by dragging and dropping them from the Outlook Almanac directly into the calendar you require. You do this by selecting the relevant event/s in the Outlook Almanac (by highlighting them using CTRL & clicking) then drag and hover over the 'Calendar' tab on the left side of Outlook Email (this will open up the calendars which you have access to). 

Release the left button of the mouse when you are hovering over the correct calendar and these events will then appear in it. Events have been assigned categories so you can drag all the events in a particular category into your calendar.

To access the Outlook Almanac calendar: 

1. Open Outlook.

2. Look at the bottom left of your Outlook and it will say 'Mail, Calendar, People and ... ' Click on "..." Then click on 'Folders' (please note your icons may not be set up exactly the same as on my pc, please ask IT Helpdesk if you cannot see these icons). 
3. Public Folders should appear in the left column and expand this, then expand the All Public Folders list. 

4. In the folder list, expand the Committee Office" folder (until the start of the 2018/2019 Academic year the previous Almanac will still be shown, after this point it will be removed).

5. Then click on Almanac 18/19. Depending on what setting you have set as your default if it is in Calendar view it will open at the current date as a default so you will need to click forward to the appropriate month.

To display the events in various ways

1. Click on the Almanac folder

2. Click View > Change View > By Category (to view by categories) 

3. Click View > Change View > Calendar (to view the calendar)

4. Click View > Change View > List (to view in an alphabetical list)


Last year there was an issue concerning the Outlook Calendar with an error message (unable to copy item) saying that items could not be dragged & dropped into your own calendars. The IT issue appears to be resolved, but you will have to make sure a box is ticked to allow you to add items to your Calendar. Please click on the IT Helpsheet to help you fix the issue. 

Notes Notes

  • If you open the Almanac 2018/19 folder up in the Calendar view you will need to click forward in the Calendar to August 2018 when the 2018/19 dates go from (as it will always show the current date). If you look at in List view, it will list all the entries in alphabetical order. If you are looking at the dates by Category they will be shown listed in what categories they have been assigned (and then by their title). At the start of the new Academic Year the Almanac for 2017/18 will be removed
  • Some events are assigned to more than one category. If you copy over both categories for an event, the event will appear twice in your calendar. Just delete any extra copies you don't need
  • To select a number of items to drag into the calendar, use CTRL+Click
  • All events are shown as tentative time so they won't create diary clashes. If you are attending an event, change Show Time to the appropriate status in your calendar (busy, out of office, free and working elsewhere). 
  • If the date or time of an event changes, then the Outlook Almanac will be updated. However, you'll need to change any copies of the event you've put in your own calendar as these will not be updated automatically. Look out for messages from Becky Phillips in the Committee Office for notifications of changes to the Almanac via the Committee office website.
  • Contact the IT Service Desk with any queries about using the public folders or Outlook (x2345

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