Dates of meetings of the University's Committees & Boards Dates of meetings of the University's Committees & Boards

The UEA Almanac is the booklet which sets out the dates of the meetings of the University's Committees and Boards for the forthcoming academic year. 

You can access this by clicking on the links to below. 

Please note that there may be changes to the Almanac which has been released. The pdf which you open is the updated version with any amendments included.


Please note the 2020/21 Electronic Almanac is available for your Outlook calendar - please look at the PDF Help Sheet for instructions on how to view. 

Please note that the date of the early May Bank Holiday has been changed from Monday 4th May 2020 and will now take place on Friday 8th May 2020. This is to co-incide with the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

The PDF Almanac and the Outlook Almanac have both been updated to show this (if you have already downloaded this date to your calendar you will need to do this again, or move it manually, as this will not automatically update wihtin your own personal calendar) 

ALMANAC 2020/2021 ALMANAC 2020/2021

Please note that the 2020-2021 Almanac has been updated. 

This has been changed into an Excel format with filters so you can filter the content into whichever way you wish by date or meeting. A PDF has been added which is in date order that you can download also. 

The downloads are listed below

2020/21 Almanac Excel Format

2020/21 Almanac PDF Format 

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