Moderating work marked in Blackboard Moderating work marked in Blackboard

Moderating work that has been marked on Blackboard

You will need to be added to the module as an instructor.

When you arrive at the site that holds the work click where it says “Full Grade Centre” in the grey area beneath the menu (see the image below).

Moderating - Grade Centre Access

When you arrive at the grade centre you will see the work to be moderated in a column. Hover over the cell that contains the grade you would like to moderate until you see a small down-arrow appear next to the grade (see image below).

Grade Centre Full View

Once you have clicked on that down arrow, a contextualised menu will appear (see image below).

At the bottom of the menu is the date that the work was submitted. Click on the date. It is very unlikely there will be more than one date, but if there is click on the most recent.

Grade Centre Grade Details

Clicking on that date will give you a full view of the student’s submission (as in the image below). You can read the students work and any feedback the marker has left.

Grading Assignment

The cross-sign on the top right (indicated in the image below) will give you a full screen view of the work. This will make it easier for you to read.

Moderating Expanded View

Schools all have different processes to agree moderation. When you are happy please follow those standard processes. The module organiser will release the grades to the students as soon as they have agreed this with you.