Avatars in Blackboard

What Are Avatars?

Avatars are graphical representations (usually a small photograph or image) used throughout the Blackboard system. Using an avatar can help to put a face to your name and should be thought of as the way you wish to present yourself to others as it can be seen by all other users.

Where Will Avatars Appear?

Once you have added an avatar it will appear next to your name, it also appears in notification areas, in discussion boards and journals, blogs and wikis.

What File Types Can I Use For Avatars?

You can use any image file you have stored on your computer – this can be in any of the major popular image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

What Is The Recommended Image Size For An Avatar?

Although you can use an image of any size, the recommended size for best viewing across all Blackboard pages is 150 x 150px (pixels). Images that are not square may appear distorted when they are displayed on Blackboard pages.

Turning On Avatars in Blackboard

You can view a screencast showing how to turn on avatars here.

While logged on to Blackboard – click the arrow next to your name to access My Blackboard and the Global Navigation menu (see below indicated by an arrow).

Blackboard Avatar Graphic

Click the “Settings” option then click “Personal Information” in the resultant box as indicated below.

Global Navigation

You will then see the following page, click on the “Personalise My Settings” option as indicated by the arrow below.

Personal Information Screenshot

The following screen will be shown.

Select the “Use custom avatar image” option and then click on “Browse My Computer” to select an image stored on your computer to use as your custom avatar. Note: you can only use images stored on your computer, you cannot link to an image elsewhere.

Once you have selected a suitable image, click the “Submit” button to upload your avatar.

Note: you may have to close your web browser and re-open it for the avatar to appear.