Submitting An Assignment In Blackboard

You also can view a video on Submitting An Assignment In Blackboard here.

Your course instructor will let you know where to find your assignment documents for your course.

In this example our assignments are listed under Summative Assessment in the left menu

Assignment Page
Screen 1

We can see there are 4 assignments, we will use 001 for this example.

Note that this assignment has an attached file and some instructions indicated by 2 above.

You can click the link in red text to download the attached file for use in this assignment or you can click the assignment title 1 to open the assignment page and download the file from there.

Assignment Submission Page

Once you have clicked the attachment link, save the file to your computer.

Download Dialog Box

Then complete the assignment as required by your instructor.

Please make sure that you read any notes added by your instructor and follow any instructions for completing your assignment.

Once your assignment is complete you need to upload it to Blackboard.

Uploading Your Assignment File

Click the link to open your assignment submission page (see 1 in Screen 1 above).

Assignment Submission

In the Assignment Submission section (see above) click Browse My Computer to locate the file you previously saved (1 below).

Now click Open (2 above) to add your assignment file to your submission page.

Submission Screen

Your uploaded file appears in the Attached Files area of Assignment Submission (1 above).

You can edit the Link Title of your uploaded file if required (2 above)

Additional information can be added if required into the Text Submission box by clicking on Write Submission.

You can also add comments for the instructor to read in the Add Comments box.

If you choose Save As Draft (3 above) you can edit the submission later before submitting.

Important: prior to final submission it is always a good idea to check the due date and instructions regarding the assignment - also refer to your Module Handbook or equivalent.

My Blackboard Screenshot

Assignment due dates are linked to your calendar so you can check your due assignments by clicking on the Calendar icon under My Blackboard.

To view your calendar, open My Blackboard by clicking your name (or the downward arrow next to your name) as indicated by 1 above. Then click the Calendar icon as indicated by 2 above - you will see the calendar displayed as below.

Blackboard Calendar Screenshot

You can view any entries in your calendar (indicated by the arrow above) by clicking them - assignment information with due date will be shown.

Please make sure that you have read and followed all the instructions to enable you to successfully complete the assignment.

To submit the completed assignment, click the Submit button (3 above).

If you submit the wrong file or forget to attach the file and click Submit, you will need to contact your instructor so that they can reset your attempt (some assignments allow multiple attempts so you can just submit again).

Once submission is complete you will be notified and you will see your submission in the assignment display area as seen below.

Assigment Submission Preview

This area will also display grades and instructor feedback once your assignment has been graded.

View Grade And Feedback

You can view your grades from the course area where your assignment is available or under My Grades (in My Blackboard or inside the Course).

Click on View Attempt to see your grade, feedback and any attachments from your instructor.

Instructional Video