Creating A Submission Point

Step 1 - Create The Content Area

Click the add content (1)

Submission Point Add Content

Click Content Area (2)

Submission Point Content Area

Name Content (3) – name the content Summative Assessment (this is the agreed standard for naming Assignments)
Make the assignment available to users by ticking the box as shown below.

Submission Point Content Name

Click Submit

Step 2 - Open The Assignment Content Window

Summative Assessment will now appear in the navigation list as indicated below.

Click on the title to open the content page.

Submission Point Summative Assessment

Click Assessments as indicated by (1) below.

Submission Point Content Screen

Now click Assignment as shown by (2) below.

Submission Point Assigment

Step 3 - Add The Assignment Content

Add Assignment information:-

Assignment Information

Give the assignment a name and set the text display colour (1) above

Give instructions to students by entering text using the text editor (2) to insert information into the Instructions box (3) above. The students will be shown everything you enter here on their assignment page. It is a good idea to include the due date of the assignment here (see Step 4 below).

Step 4 - Assignment Files and Due Date

If you need to add any files to the assignment for the student to use you can add them here. Simply click Browse My Computer (1) below to locate a file on your computer to add to the assignment.

Assignment Files

You next need to set the due date of the assignment. You can do this by clicking on the Calendar and Time icons (2) above. This will open up a calendar and a list of times, respectively, where you can choose a date and time the assignment should be submitted by.

Step 5 - Grading

There are 5 key areas making up the grading options indicated on the graphic below.
Points Possible (1), Associated Rubrics (2), Submission Details (3), Grading Options (4) and Display of Grades (5).

Grading Options

First,set the number of points (marks) possible and add a rubric if applicable. (A rubric is an assessment tool listing evaluation criteria for an assignment.)

Next, click on the Submission Details link to show the following area.

Submission Details

Here you can set the assignment type, number of attempts and plagiarism options.

Assignment type can be either single or group.

You can set single, multiple or unlimited attempts.

For multiple and unlimited attempts you have extra options such as number for multiple attempts and how to score attempts for multiple submissions, i.e. most recent, highest, lowest, average, etc.

This is likely to be set to multiple attempts and the number of attempts set to 3.

Plagiarism Tools are not currently used.

Next click on Grading Options to be presented with the following area.

Grading Options

Enable Anonymous Marking – this allows submissions to be graded anonymously so the marker does not know the identity of the student submitting - currently it is suggested to turn this off (left unticked).

Enable Delegated Marking – to allow others to mark assignments. You can assign specific instructors in your module to grade particular sets of student assignment submissions. Currently delegated marking will be left off (unticked).

Next click on Display of Grades to see the following area

Display of Grades

Choose how grades will appear in the Grade Center and to students in My Grades. Only your Primary selection appears to students.

You can also choose to include the assignment score in grading calculations.

Based on the assignment requirements, you can choose not to show the grade and statistical information to students in My Grades - this should be set to off (unticked).

Step 6 - Make The Assignment Available



Select the Display After and Display Until check boxes to enable the date and time selections. Display restrictions do not affect availability, only when the assignment appears. The availability should be set to 7 days before the hand in date.

Optionally, select the check box to Track Number of Views.

Click Submit to finalise the assignment.