Marking submissions anonymously in Blackboard Marking submissions anonymously in Blackboard

Marking Anonymously - Usernames Hidden

Marking anonymously starts with accessing the Grade Centre from the Blackboard navigation menu as shown below.

Grade Centre Menu

Marking in Blackboard anonymously (with usernames hidden) can be achieved using the following methods.

Method 1

Select Full Grade Centre from the Grade Centre menu.

Grade Centre Mini Menu

The following screen then appears.

Full Grade Centre

Items needing grading are indicated by the Needs Grading icon (see icon legend below). The icon legend can be accessed by clicking on the Icon Legend button as seen in the above screenshot.

Icon Legend

Icon Legend

Use the context menu (see below) to select Grade with Usernames Hidden.

Grade Centre Context Menu

Firstly click the icon (1) to open up the context menu, then select Grade with Usernames Hidden as shown (2).

Method 2

You can go directly to assignments or tests by clicking on the Assignments or Tests menu option under Full Grade Centre.

Assignments Mini Menu

This gives you the Assignment view which is a slightly cut down version of the Full Grade Centre view.

Grade Centre Assignment Context Menu

You still have the Needs Grading icon as described in the previous method and access to the context menu (1) and the Grade with Usernames Hidden option (2).

Method 3

Select Needs Marking from the Grade Centre menu.

Needs Marking Mini Menu

You will see the following screen.

Needs Grading

You can select to (1) Grade All which opens the Grade Assignment screen below, or you can use the context menu by clicking (2) and selecting Grade with Usernames Hidden (3).

If you select Grade All you will be able to grade assignments anonymously by clicking on the Hide User Names button as shown below.

Grade Assignment

Once you have selected the Hide User Names option, all user information is removed from the grading process. You will see from the illustration below, students are given numbers and the (Hide User Names is enabled) notice appears. You will also notice the Hide User Names button is replaced by a Show User Names button.

Grade Assigment Alternative View