Open Day Programme



The basics The basics

Please be aware that you can't leave bags with us so bear this in mind before you turn up to work.

No matter what your role, you need to know the following info before you work:

Key briefing document

Open Days Briefing Document

Signing in and out

  • Please sign in at Elizabeth Fry Building 01.02 and sign out at our office in Lawrence Stenhouse Building (LSB) 0.20 (excludes all roles based in Edith Cavell Building who will be signing in and out with their ECB area lead).
  • Once you have signed in with us and had a briefing, please don't forget to report to your area lead so that they know you are there!
  • Please make sure you're on time!
  • You will need to know your student number for signing in and out so please bring your campus card with you so you can input the number correctly. 


  • We will provide you with a Student Guide T-shirt, which you need to return at the end of your shift. If you are a Student Ambassador, please don't bring your Ambassador T-shirt; we will provide you with a Student Guide T-shirt.
  • Wear comfy shoes - all of your roles will involve a lot of walking and standing.
  • You can wear casual clothes and shorts in hot weather but be sensible about it - you are at work so please dress appropriately!
  • We'll also provide you with a name lanyard. Please return these at the end of the day.

The Weather

Weather appropriate clothing is always a good's some obvious but essential tips:

  • If it's sunny make sure you wear sun block and reapply throughout the day. Drink plenty of water too.
  • If it's raining, we'll provide ponchos for you. 

And yes, the Open Day still happens in the rain so please turn up to work!


  • If you're working more than 6 hours, you get a lunch break - we will send you details of this before you work.
  • Those of you who don't get a lunch break, feel free to bring snacks with you and eat these subtly throughout the day.

Not showing up to work

This is a job - it's unprofessional and unacceptable to just not turn up to work. If you are cancelling, you must email and fill in our cancellation form.

Helping to pack down your area

You might have a role where you are based in an area with a lot of equipment or you might be asked to help pack down somewhere else across campus. Just to warn you, this is part of your role as a Student Guide. All members of staff will be packing down equipment too so please help if you are asked.

Remember to be sensible - work in pairs to move furniture and lift heavy items. If you are unable to lift anything or you cannot physically help pack down, please let your area lead know.

Additional Information

As well as the role briefings which can be found in the Role Docs above please read through this Useful Information document.

Teaching Excellence Framework Teaching Excellence Framework

You may get asked about UEA's Teaching Excellence Framework ranking so please read through the information below so you can answer any questions from visitors:

  • UEA’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)* ranking is silver. Our TEF Statement of Findings shows we do very well on teaching quality (Direct quotes:  UEA has “very high levels of satisfaction with teaching ..notably exceeding the benchmark… students achieve excellent outcomes”) but we’re a bit below average on employability. 
  • Employability is something we’re very focused on in terms of giving our students the skills, confidence and opportunities they need to help them get good graduate level jobs and we’re making good progress on that front.

*Overall, 26% of universities were ranked gold, 50% ranked silver and 24% cent ranked bronze.

UEA’s competitor group and TEF rankings

  • Exeter: Gold 
  • Nottingham: Gold
  • Lancaster: Gold
  • Birmingham: Gold
  • Bath: Gold
  • Loughborough: Gold
  • Surrey: Gold
  • Kent: Gold
  • UEA: Silver
  • Warwick: Silver
  • York: Silver
  • Sussex: Silver
  • Southampton: Bronze