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Recruitment Reps from Medicine and Health Sciences are able to work on Interview Days.

Roles on the day

Your roles will include some or all of the following:

  • Setting up interview rooms
  • Collecting applicants and taking them to holding rooms
  • Briefing applicants before they go to interview
  • Timing interviews
  • Briefing applicants before they take Numeracy and Literacy tests
  • Chatting to applicants about your course/UEA/placement and making them feel at ease
  • Ensuring interviewers have tea/coffee
  • Campus/Facility Tours
  • Checking applicant documents


Who will I be working for?

You will be booked to work by the Student Recruitment Representatives Scheme; your main point of contact is On the day you will also be working with the Admissions Team; Admissions run Interview Days and will work closely with you and be in charge of you on the day(s) that you work.

The MED Admissions Team run Medicine Interview Days and the HSC Admissions Team run Health Sciences Interview Days.

How do I sign up to work?

You sign up to work by filling in a form. This will be sent to you via email and will have a deadline for completion. The form will ask you to indicate your availability from a list of interview dates.

We will email you to confirm which shifts you are booked to work for. It is your responsibility to keep a record of your shifts so please remember to write them down in your calendar or diary.

I have not received a reminder about my shift; who do I contact?

The admissions team should send you a reminder about your shift just before you work. If you still haven't heard anything the day before your shift, email and we'll get back to you.

How do I cancel a shift?

If you need to cancel, please fill in the cancellation form.

If you are cancelling on the morning of your shift, you must phone admissions with the number they provide you with and email

When will I get paid for the work I've done?

Your timesheets will be submitted to the payroll department who then pay you for the hours you have worked. You will receive payment in line with the UEA payroll calendar, meaning that if you work past the "payroll cut off point" you will receive payment on the following month's pay day.

You can view your pay slip online by logging in with your UEA username and password.

I've been taxed incorrectly/I need a p45/I want to change my bank details on my contract. What should I do?

If you have any queries about tax or p45s please email who will be able to help you.

If you want to change your bank details, you should also email payroll however please check with if you have only just filled in your contract; the Student Guide Scheme may still be processing your contract and may not have sent it onto the payroll department.