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What makes a good Accommodation Rep?

A good Accommodation Rep is someone who is;

  • Confident talking to large groups of people
  • Enthusiastic about UEA and living on campus
  • Extremely reliable
  • Able to clean and tidy their flat to a high standard before a shift.

Will I be paid to work as an Accommodation Rep?

Yes, Reps are paid £9.97 per hour, including holiday pay. Only those Reps booked to work for each shift will be paid.

What paper work will I need to provide?

Every resident in each flat must sign a document to say that they agree to allow visitors into their flat and that they agree with the Outreach Code of Practice - a hard copy of this document will be given to you when you join the scheme.

Those students who want to work on the scheme will need to complete a Register to Work, which means that they are registered to work at UEA.

To be eligible for this, you will need to provide evidence that you are entitled to work in the UK. Documents that are acceptable as evidence are:

  • A valid passport (and visa if relevant).


  • A4 birth certificate and proof of your NI number.

You will need to provide the original documents before you work, not copies.

Driving licenses and A5 birth certificates cannot be accepted.

How many people from each flat can work on the scheme?

Each flat must have a minimum of four students on the scheme. Each flat will also need to nominate one person to be the Flat Representative, who will be the main point of contact between the flat and the Recruitment Events team.

When will I be required to work?

Initially at least two people from your flat must be available to work on Saturday 19 October 2019 and Sunday 20 October 2019 from 07:30 to 16:30.

A list of other dates and times will be sent to you later on.

Your Flat Liaison will be emailed with a form regarding availability that the Flat Liaison in each flat must fill out and return to the Recruitment Events team. Shifts will then be allocated by the team and you will be emailed with the details of your shift.

What is a Flat Liaison?

Each flat must have a Flat Liaison. They become the main point of contact between the Recruitment Events team and the flat. They will be responsible for:

  • Collating the availability of the Reps in their flat and passing it onto the Recruitment Events team
  • Passing on shift confirmations with relevant information to their Flat Liaison in their flat
  • Where possible finding replacements within their flat when Reps drop out of shifts
  • Keeping an eye on the cleanliness of the flat

What happens during a typical shift?

Normally there are between two and three Reps working on any one shift.

One Rep will wait on the door to let visitors into the flat and the other Reps will show them the shared spaces and the bedrooms of those Reps booked to work. When there is three Reps booked to work, the third Rep will help with queue management outside the block or splitting up large groups once they are in the flat.

On occasion a Rep may be required to work on their own, in which case, where possible, an extra Rep from another flat will be brought in to help with managing the groups.

Are more shifts available?

Yes, there are frequent ad hoc shifts that will be emailed out to you. This can include an international visitor on a campus tour, a visit from a school or filming for a marketing video.

Does my flat need to be tidy when I am working?

Yes. When you sign up to the scheme you are agreeing that the areas in your flat which will be on show are clean and tidy when you are working. Among other things this means that; bins are emptied, kitchen surfaces are properly wiped down, bathrooms have been cleaned and bedrooms are tidy.

Flats will be checked for cleanliness at random during each shift. If your flat is found to be unacceptable, your whole flat will receive a warning.

You will also need to make sure that nothing potentially offensive is on display and there is not an excessive amount of alcohol in the areas you are showing.