Accommodation Reps Registration Process Accommodation Reps Registration Process

Please read this page carefully as it contains all the information you will need to successfully sign up to the Accommodation Reps Scheme.

All Flat Members - Registration

ALL flat residents must register with the scheme, regardless of whether they are interested in actively working on the scheme. The form gives their permission to allow visitors into the flat and agrees to the Recruitment and Outreach Safeguarding Policy.

Recruitment and Outreach Safeguarding Policy

The majority of visitors entering your flat during events will be under 18, which is why you must read the Safeguarding Policy before you sign the above form. You will be given a hard copy at training which you must put in a public location in your flat, normally the kitchen.

Accommodation Reps

Code of Conduct

You must read the Code of Conduct. By registering with the scheme you accept that you will abide by the Code of Conduct.

Register To Work

Accommodation Reps must also fill out a Registration Form and sign a Registration Agreement before they work.

A digital copy can be emailed with your name, flat name and number in the subject title.

If you would prefer to hand in a hard copy of these documents, they should be handed in to room 0.20 in the Lawrence Stenhouse Building. Ring extension 3251 from the phone outside the office to let the team know that you are here.

Along with the Registration Form you will need to supply original documents that verify your entitlement to work in the UK.

Documents that are acceptable as evidence are:

  • A valid passport (and visa if relevant)


  • Proof of your NI number and A4 birth certificates.

You will need to provide the original documents before you work, not copies.

Driving licences and A5 birth certificates cannot be accepted.

A hard copy of these documents must be brought to room 0.20 in the Lawrence Stenhouse Building before an Accommodation Rep works. Ring extension 3251 from the phone outside the office to let a member of the Recruitment Events team know that you are here.

What happens now?

The Recruitment Events team will be in touch with your flat liaison regarding a flat inspection, training and shift availability for the Open Day and Applicant Days and Campus Tours.

Any difficulties or questions?

Please get in touch with the Recruitment Events team via email or phone: 01603 593251.