UEA2030 Vision

How our UEA2030 Vision will meet the needs of tomorrow Now isn’t the time to stand still. New technologies, new competitors, new challenges and new expectations are changing our world forever. We need to act bold, be innovative and transform the way we think to create the university of the future.

We’ve talked to our students, colleagues, alumni and partners. We’ve taken a close look at future trends and current challenges. We’ve created a clear vision of what the university of 2030 should look like. Here you can read our vision and the story behind it.

Passionate about achieving student, research, staff, and global success, we’re investing in the future to build on our strong foundations. We’ll grow our campus and provide the best facilities and most technologically advanced learning. We’ll deliver unrivalled support and a high quality learning experience to provide everyone with the skills they need for the future. We’ll further develop our partnerships and networks regionally and globally. We’ll support enterprise and start-ups. We’ll also tackle the world’s big challenges and pursue groundbreaking research with global significance.

We’ve set out a roadmap for how we’ll succeed in the future and produced the first of three five-year plans. We’re going to think bold, do things differently and lead the way by building on our greatest strength – our talented staff. 

  • A new world of success

    We’ll continue to innovate, be bold and grow our reputation as a leading international university through quality teaching, groundbreaking research, preparing work-ready students and making a positive impact on the world.

  • Student success

    We’ll grow our student numbers and global profile through innovative teaching, pursuing excellence and celebrating and sharing the successes of our students and alumni.

  • Research success

    We’ll enhance our impact and international reputation by tackling big global challenges and increasing the reach, quality and volume of our world-leading research. 


  • Staff success

    Together we’ll work as one team towards one clear vision, creating new ways of learning and developing our campus, research, technologies and systems to make UEA a great place to work and learn.

  • Global success

    Investing in internationalisation, we aim to improve our global reach, work with the world’s leading organisations, promote our world-class research by tackling the big global issues, and attract and inspire more students from every corner of the planet.

  • Trends

    There are new challenges, technologies and opportunities all around us. So, we’ve scanned the horizon. We’ve looked at the big education and global trends that are set to transform the future. And we’ve built them into our pioneering vision. 

Why we're ready to deliver

  • From tracking bee populations to unwrapping Egypt’s past by studying mummies our students and academics do brilliant things.
  • Investing £300m in our campus, we’ll create a landmark Teaching Wall, embrace new learning technologies and shape the IT infrastructure of tomorrow.
  • We’ll attract new students, colleagues and partners by promoting our strengths, talking about our differences and telling the world our unique story.
  • A pioneering British university, we work in unconventionally brilliant ways. Always thinking differently, we’ve created an unconventional vision for the future.