Our Vision 2030 goals for institutional success Our Vision 2030 goals for institutional success

1. Student success

We will pursue excellence in all that we do, and we will achieve and celebrate student success. We will develop a reputation for providing students with high-quality programmes fit for the digital age, equipping them with key skills for work or further study, and that are largely centred on our excellent campus. We will be renowned for enabling quality through innovation, inspiring our students to achieve their wider fulfilment and capability goals, and for meeting changing expectations. 


2. Research success

Our reputation will be for the quality of our research and for its global reach and influence in tackling major challenges, including through collaboration with our Norwich Research Park (NRP) partners. Our focus will be on developing the quality, volume and impact of our research, especially by building our international reputation for innovation, increasing our research capacity, enhancing our facilities, and improving the training environment for our research postgraduates. We will invest in our staff and facilities, and will develop key research strengths, strategic partnerships and enterprise activities.  


3. Staff success

The support and development of our staff will be critical in our Vision. UEA will have a reputation as an institution that supports its staff to develop successful careers. As part of developing a campus culture in which staff and students can be successful, we will invest in our campus and buildings and be innovative about how we plan and deliver our activities. We will ensure everybody in our university understands our strategic aims, that they feel able to fulfil their potential, and that they are supported, developed and valued. We will be renowned for our professional service culture, for the ways in which we celebrate staff and student success, and for how we help individuals develop. Above all, we will be seen as one team with one clear vision, right at the heart of a stimulating university community.


4. Global success

We aim to enhance our strong international reputation and become increasingly competitive in a challenging global market. We will attract increased numbers of talented students and the best staff from around the world, while celebrating the impact of our alumni. We will be renowned for our global networks and reach, for our partnerships, for our global perspective throughout our teaching and research, and for the global issues we are tackling. We will also aim to make our community more international in its outlook, providing the very best welcome and international campus experience for all.