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The University has received a rebrand and the logo has changed. A black or white logo can now only be used as the blue version has now been removed


Click to download the following suite of newly branded logos with coloured glints from our new asset bank: 


File uses

It is very important to use the correct format of logo for the item you are producing. Failure to do so may result in a variety of problems, such as loss of quality or very large file sizes.

EPS - these files are appropriate for most professional print applications such as Quark or Adobe. This is the only logo that should be used by designers and printers. It can be enlarged indefinitely without loss of quality. You may not be able to open this file as you may not have the appropriate software, but your printer or designer will be able to.

WMF - for use in all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. These are very small files and will enlarge to poster sizes without significant loss of quality. The background is transparent in normal use.

TIF - for use in Microsoft Office programs such as Word and PowerPoint that you may be producing in house. These files can be very large, so are not good for emailing. Loses image quality when enlarged. A grey background may also appear behind the logo in some instances, in which case you should try an alternative format.

GIFs and PNGs - for use in ‘on screen' applications, such as web pages and PowerPoint presentations. They are not generally suitable for print reproduction.

JPEG – these files are good for photos but very poor for logos as they lose image quality when enlarged and are usually compressed too much for use in print. 

Small use logo - This logo has been specifically drawn to reproduce at small sizes and is the only logo artwork that can be used below the minimum size of the horizontal logo.  However, the Small use logo must not be used above its maximum size (up to 7mm).  Please contact the Publications Office for advice on using this logo.