The University of East Anglia's corporate identity The University of East Anglia's corporate identity


Our Brand Guidelines are now available online at and if you have any queries please email

Please click to download the current version of UEA's Brand Guidelines from the Media Library.

The guidelines have been designed for use by colleagues within the organisation as well as by design professionals. It is anticipated that experience over time, additional creative input and increasing use will lead to additional advice and guidance in later versions of the guidelines. 

The University of East Anglia's logos, coat of arms, crest, shield, glint, the words "University of East Anglia", the initials "UEA" and other trademarks or distinguishing signs are owned by the University of East Anglia. You may not use these registered and unregistered trademarks, or those of others displayed on the University of East Anglia's website without our prior written consent of the relevant owner. If you have a trademark query, please email: